Monday, May 22, 2006

Digging up the basement wall

Okay, I'm digging up the side of my house. I've got a long horizontal crack that runs the length of the west basement wall and the south basement wall. When it rains a lot in the spring, water pools near the west wall and a little leaks through into the basement. I want to remodel our basement so before I start I want to make sure I have the leaking taken care of. I had three quotes to have the work done and they all came in between $8000 and $9000! Needless to say I'm going to do it myself. I had some extra vacation time so off I went.
Last fall Dad and I did the south wall on the front of the house.

That wall is about 30 feet long and we had to dig under the front steps. It took us 2 days of digging

Now I'm doing the west wall and I'm going to blog the whole thing with daily updates.
We had some computer problems so at least for the next day or two I might be a day behind or so but I'll get it all in.

Prep work
Before we started we had to get the Air Conditioner out of the way. I checked and it was between $300 and $600 just to have it discontected and recontected. I didn't want it disconected that bad but as we learned from the front step, tunneling sucks. So Dad and I came up with a solution:

Before and after. It's not perfect but it's better then tunneling.

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