Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall is Upon us

I absolutely love fall, I hate that this season is so short. I love the colors, the cool weather and I love going for walks, with a giant sweater on and of course sipping a nice hot beverage. We have not done alot since fall has arrived. Jackson and I are still walking everyday. We will be heading to North Dakota for about 2 1/2 weeks. My sister is having her second baby and I will be taking Jackson with me to help her out. Jackson will have tons of fun playing with his cousin Lauren and it will be great to see a newborn baby again. I know John will miss us but I'm sure he will get in lots of XBOX time and plenty of pizza eating. I am trying my best to regularly update this blog. Jackson is standing so much, he doesn't seem to want to crawl, but I have been told that John and all his siblings never crawled they all went to walking, so we'll see what happens with him. I hope you all enjoy reading Jackson's blog, I mean our blog to see what is happening in our lives. I don't know if we've said it or not, but we ABOSULTELY LOVE being parents, we have been truly blessed to have Jackson in our lives and we adore him.

Here I am at the park, I love swining so much. I can wave to people now.
This is my cousin Lauren, soon she will have a new brother or sister. My mommy will put up new photo's when she goes to North Dakota so you can see my new cousin.
My cousin Lauren lets me play with her toys, I think dad prefers I play with this keyboard and not the 2 dolls.
Here I am at McDonalds. Mom always lets me try some of her fries. They are so yummy!!!!
Here I am ready for my daily walk. I love fall just as much as mommy does. I get lots of snacks when I go walking and shopping.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Summer Holidays

Wow I can't believe how much fun I had this summer. I did lots of things, I am all tuckered out from the fun. I have been growing very fast, I'm already 9 months old. I love ice cream, chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and mom even gave me a taste of her french fries, but shhhhhh don't tell dad. Have fun reading about our summer, hope you like the pictures. I LOVE the water and swimming and taking baths are so much fun.

Well it has been awhile since John and I have done anything with this blog. We have had a busy summer so now that we are actually home, we can try to make more regular updates! Our summer was mostly spent relaxing at the cottage at Lake of the Woods. We had a fantastic time. Jackson absolutely loves the water. He did lots of swimming, went for a canoe ride, tried to help with fishing, and took walks in the sand. Almost every weekend was spent at the cottage, which was great because we have been so blessed with such great weather.

We also took a trip out to Saskatchewan to see my family. My sister and her family from Virgina were there along with my other 2 sisters one from North Dakota and the other Saskatchewan. Jackson sure had fun getting up early in the morning, playing with his cousins, Tyler, Lauren, and Ava..... and of course Jackson loved driving the big John Deere Tractor

This is what usually happens after I have had too much fun swimming.

Here I am walking on the beach. We decided to go exploring on this island.

Mom even held my hand as we walked out of the boat.

Look how I can float all by myself.

Do you like my new hairdo? Check out the next picture.

I think I get my funky hairstyles from Mommy.

Here I am ready for my bedtime cereal.

More bubbles mom, right now!!!!!

We often go to the park by our house and go swinging, I love swinging!!!!

Grandpa and dad made cement for the foundation pads of the guest cottage. Mom thought it would be a good idea for me to put my hand and footprints in the cement and date it. I thought I should also taste the cement... YUCK!! It looks okay, I really enjoyed pushing my hands in the cement.

Here I am again the in the water, I love to take showers with Dad!!!!! This is sooo much fun.

Here we are at the farm visiting Grandma and Grandpa Herman. Here we all are on the tractor, it is very very very early in the morning. There is Aunt Darla, with cousin Ava on her back. In front is cousin Tyler and cousin Lauren. I love the tractor.
Here is one of Grandpa Herman's tractor's. I love how big it is!!

Grandpa even let me drive the tractor. Vroooooomm

Here is a wet suit that my auntie Angie gave me.

Well that's all the pics for right now, we will send more soon.

Its hard to believe that the summer is over and fall is upon us. Jackson is already 9 months old, I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Jackson and I still go for walks everyday, with my friend Christine and her daughter Victoria. We have tons of fun chatting, playing and of course getting our caffiene fix!!

Like I said we plan to update this blog more regularly, we had too much fun this summer, so it kept us away from the computer.