Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hi Everyone

Hi All, Hope Everyone is keeping well and that life is treating everyone good. Once again its been awhile since we have written a little story. I cannot believe how fast time is going and that soon March will be over, its crazy to me. Life in the Bowering household is very good. Work is going well for John and myself. Jackson is doing GREAT. He still isn't walking but I am convinced he totally knows how to do it independently but I think he thinks..(man life is great, my mommy and daddy carry me around everywhere) He walks along the walls and furniture and climbs up and down the stairs but soon he will walking independently.

Jackson is quite the talker he says ALOT of words, and they are very clear, his favourite words are bubble, cookies, mommy, dad, apple, ball, bull, puppy... that's just a few he can say more. he is also signing quite a bit. He knows more and eat, those are his favourites but he likes finished and milk as well. I'm very proud of my little boy.

You may think bull is a strange word for him to say, here is a cute story of how this word came to be. One day at daycare, one of the workers was holding Jackson and doing some voice telephone stuff at the same time. The phone kept telling her that she was entering in the wrong code which she wasn't. So finally frustrated with the computer voice system, the worker hung up the phone and said "that's bull", to which Jackson repeated "bull". Apparently Jackson repeated the word all day long in perfect English. Bull bull bull bull bull :) The worker was upset as she didn't want Jackson to repeat this. They tried to use animals on the floor and say oh yes Jackson, this is a bull. When John arrived to pick up Jackson, the story was explained to him and they hoped both John and myself had a good sense of humor, which we did, it was so cute b/c when he arrived home that evening he was resting on my chest and was very quiet and relaxed then all of a sudden popped up his head and said very cutely "bull".

My spring break is coming up soon. We have no plans to go anywhere but just to stay close to home and work on remodeling our basement, it is a work in progress. John is doing so much work on it, we know it will be awhile for the basement to be finished but its fun to see the progress the basement is taking.

I really do not have much more to report, we are healthy and happy and life it good:)

Enjoy the pics!!!

Hi Everyone, this picture is me before my first haircut, I kept telling mom and dad that I liked my shaggy do, but mom and dad thought it best to get it cut...... I warned them!!!!!
Stop cutting off all my hair, I like my mullet, please just let me out of here!!!!!!
Mommy please get me out of here, I want a different cape, I told you no haircut!!!!!
well I guess mom and dad were kinda right, the lady only cut my back b/c I was just so scared, mommy says next time she'll hold me and then we will cut the front and the back. I was so brave. I didn't even get a full haircut and it was $8.50, who knows maybe mom will cut it next time, I would prefer that.
Did I tell you how much I love PASTA, especially with tomato sauce!!! Give me More!!!!!
All right Dad, come and clean me up!!!!!!
I love food, mommy calls me a human garbage can b/c I eat everything. I like to help mom in the kitchen.... sometimes I like to stand on the dishwasher door behind me but mom and dad don't like that very much so I do it when they're not looking :)
Here we are at the cottage. We helped move some lumber here a few weeks ago for the guest cottage. There is still tons more wood and windows to move. I was so happy I got to spend time with mommy and Auntie Cathy from Vancouver!!!!!!!
This is my first time playing all by myself in the snow. I even ate some.... don't worry it wasn't yellow, I just had to try some of the white stuff.
Here is me and my dad, he is my best bud. Daddy teaches me so much he even lets me help him build in the basement. He is very skilled!!! I love him ALOT!!!!!
Here is me and Auntie Cathy!!!!! She thinks I'm a cool dude. I miss her, I'm very happy she came to visit me!!!!!

Well everyone that is it for now. I am just a happy boy. My mom thinks I am a HAM, I laugh at everything!!!! Stay tuned for more pics, we promise to update this blog more regularly. Take care everyone HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!