Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas at the Bowerings

We had a fantastic Christmas this year, I will have to post more pics later of our Christmas eve, but these will have to do to start. Christmas eve pics are stored on g-ma and g-pa's camera. We have had a wonderful 2009, we are incredibly blessed and wish you all a very happy 2010.

This was our Christmas card photo this year, along with 3 pics of the boys!!! We tried our best to get all to look but I was satisfied with this photo.

Hudson and Oliver, love to help in the kitchen, this particular day they were in their "terrible two's stage" so I let them stir bubbles while I cooked supper and they were content and didn't want to leave at all.

We are starting to potty train in our house, and I have to admit that potty training 2 kids at the same time isn't the easiest task, I am taking it one day at a time and both Hudson and Oliver are very much interested in it, so wish me luck and send a few prayers my way :)

We got an incredible deal on a bouncer for the kids for Christmas, it wasn't quite fair to them to open the gift and then say "wait until the snow melts"... so for 3 days we blew it up in the house and they went CRAZY - they loved it. It is now packed away and they will get to use it in the new year. At first I thought we were crazy to blow it up in the house but I have since talked to a couple of mom's and they said "we put ours in the house all the time" so that made me happy!!

We got our annual Christmas ornaments, here is Oliver's, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!!

Mommy's sparkeliee pink high heel :)

Hudson's whimsical Santa Claus

Jackson wanted a police car to compliment his fire truck from last year, he loves it!!!

John's ski and boot !!

Christmas morning, they kids are eating timbits and taking a break from the Santa gifts (which we do not wrap) and our stockings... they are awaiting the wrapped gifts under the tree.
Oliver, Jackson, and Hudson!!

Oliver and Jackson, just having fun with those chocolate timbits!!!

Christmas morning, we had the Disney Parade on in hopes to see the boys' buds Bryan and Tara-Lynn - we hope they had a great time visiting Mickey and Minnie!!!

We went over to Grandma and Grandpa Bowering's in the afternoon of Christmas Day for a great turkey dinner, the boys LOVE LOVE LOVE to play the piano with Auntie Georgina!!!

Our Stockings
Hudson, Mommy, Oliver, Daddy, and Jackson

Merry Christmas 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gingerbread House

Here is our first attempt at making my first ever gingerbread house, cousin Jay came over to help, we had a great night and had lots of fun :)

Jackson couldn't resist all the candies, he had so much fun putting them on the house, he wanted to use every last one of them, and sample a few along the way.

I really like how much Jackson enjoyed this activity and I think this will become a yearly event in our house.

No Hudson or Oliver in this activity I think they would of gone bonkers if they would of seen all this candy!!

Jackson keeps saying he wants to eat this on Christmas eve, we'll have to see about that!!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Jackson is 4

Well I can hardly believe that 4 years ago, Jackson was born. He is such a big boy now and I just cannot get over how fast time has gone!!!! Here are some pics from his party and his monster truck cake

Mom keeps saying we have to read the cards first, I'm trying my best to be patient but I just want to rip open my gifts!!

Jackson had so much fun at his party, thank to all who came and for all the great gifts you gave Jackson!!!

Jackson wanted a monster truck cake, here is my attempt at it. He wanted it to be green and purple. When he saw it, he clapped his hands and kept telling me how much he loved it. Later on the in the day he said, mom it could of been bigger, aren't monster trucks suppose to be big? Good thing I got a good night sleep and didn't remind him that I was up late late late trying to carve the cake and ice and make it look as real as possible!!!

The wheels are actually doughnuts, I like the dirt bottom!!

I think my favourite part is the lights on the top and the windows, the grill and the #4 and of course the cream cheese icing.