Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Time Fun!!

We are having lots of fun this winter, the boys are so busy and getting into everything!!! We are starting to notice that Hudson has quite the temper, we're not sure where it comes from but we are attributing it to the terrible 2's :) Enjoy the pics!!! Also there is a cute video that John made at the bottom!!! It starts off in black in white then will go to colour!!

Oliver and Hudson love lasagna, Oliver is the only one we could get a picture of, Hudson refused. Oliver loves eating pasta and will eat more than John!!!! We finish off a whole lasagna at supper time with enough for the boys lunches for daycare. Man if we polish off one lasagna now, I better make 6 when they are teenagers :)

Over the long weekend Jessie and Josiah and their mom and dad came over, we had a movie night with popcorn, cookies, and pink slushies. We has a great time just vegging out !!

Mom fell asleep on the couch so I snuggled up with her, it's me Hudson!!! Mommy says I'm such a snuggle bug and she hopes I will continue to give her snuggles when I am older.

One Saturday morning I was busy cleaning the house and came downstairs and found Oliver out cold in his chair, he pushed it back on the floor and had a catnap, I'm not sure how long he was sleeping like this.

We went sledding with Jonathan, Karen, Josiah and Jessie over the long weekend, what fun and such great weather. Thanks for the great time guys!!!
Go Jackson go, he keeps talking about sledding and how much he wants to go again.

Daddy, Hudson and Oliver !!!

Jonathan, Jessie, and Josiah, can you see Jessie??

Mom and Jackson, fun in the snow!!! Everyone is getting ready for another round in the background!!!

Mommy and Oliver!!

Daddy and Hudson!!!