Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is a long Post

Hi Everyone, summer is finally here and thank goodness. I think we have been waiting for the warm weather for a long time. I am sorry it's taken me so long to write this post. Things for us have been very very busy and now that work is winding down I will have a bit more free time but I foresee the summer going by very quickly but we are going to try to make the most of it.

Since my last post a few things have happened. We travelled to Vancouver in May. John's sister Cathy got married, the ceremony was beautiful, her and her husband Jamie were married out on the ocean. Many boats were tied together, it was a wonderful time and we had so much fun out in Vancouver.

Hudson and Oliver are now walking, they beat Jackson's record of walking at 19 months. They are getting into everything, way more than Jackson ever did, they are also talking sooo much, their favourite words are apple, banana, ouch, door, I could go on, they just love to say anything they can.

Jackson is doing so good, he is a great big brother and loves to get into mischief with Hudson and Oliver. Jackson is becoming more and more indepentent everyday. He loves to be outside and would move his bedroom out there if we let him.

This past week, we travelled back to Sask, this was not a happy trip as we travelled back for my grandma's funeral. She was the last of all my grandparents so I was very sad to say good bye to her, I know she is in a better place and I am so happy and fortunate to have had her for this long, she was 85 and she loved talking about Jackson, Hudson and Oliver. Our time back in Sask was sad yet we got to remise about Grandma's life and the whole family was back together so this gave a good time for the sister's and cousin's to visit.

There are many pics, so have fun looking at our life the past 2 months. Hopefully my posts will be more frequent this summer.

Sweet Jackson :)

Oliver, I see you!!

Hudson, all maxed and relaxed :)

Jackson and Josiah, best buds!!!!!!

Best buds again, very much into the Cars movie!!!!

My 3 silly monkeys!!!!!!

Our plane ride to Vancouver, Jackson was so excited walking to the plane, he fell, he is a bit tired here as we got up very early for the morning flight. The highlight for him was drinking 7-UP and watching TreeHouse.

All the boys did very well for getting up so early the day we flew out to Vancouver, even John was a good boy!!!!! We were very lucky both ways to have both rows to ourselves, thank you WestJet!!!!

Yeah, we are finally here in Vacouver, mommy needed to refuel, hello Starbucks!!!!!

Craig, made me this silly hat, he is very creative!!!!!

Our friends Craig and Jennifer came from Seattle to see us. I used to work with Jennifer in Hastings, NE. She was one of my bridesmaids and we hadn't see each other for 5 years. This was the first time her and her hubby got to meet Jackson, Hudson, and Oliver!!!! Jackson and Craig hit it off right away!!!

Jennifer and Nola
We promised each other we wouldn't let another 5 years go by before we see each other again.

As soon as Jackson met Craig he told him.... "Craig, just so you know... we don't have any pets....
just twins!"

We did a lot of site seeing on Mother's Day, Jennifer I am so glad you came down, this was a great Mother's Day. I think this was my second starbucks that day, we were all very tired.

Jackson having fun at the beach.

Here we all are waiting for the sky train to arrive - Jackson wasn't too sure about it at the start but then loved every minute of it.

Jackson and his red car

Jackson on his way to the acquarium

Hudson loved watching the dolphins, he may of been a bit confused b/c everytime he saw a dolphin jump out of the water, he would say,
"wow, puppy"

We drove up to the top of Seymour Mt. in Vancouver, still snow on it.

We stayed at John's cousin's house during most of our time in Vancouver. This is Sue, she spent one morning with us taking us to Honey's - they have the best doughnuts, they were so good. Geoff and Sue have 3 girls, Katie, Sarah, and Jillian. Jackson loved spending time with them and still talks about how much his misses them. Oliver loved this playground.

Oliver and Hudson on a see saw ride!!!!

Katie, Sarah, and Jillian, let Jackson use their Rock n Roll Van - Jackson loved it and was attached to it the whole trip. He talks about how much he misses the rock n roll van.

One night we went hot tubbing at Geoff and Sue's, it was raining outside but that didn't stop us. This is Jillian and Katie.... Sarah we missed you that night, we'll have to go hot tubbing again the next time we come to Vancouver!!!!

Here we are on the suspension bridge, if you click on the picture to enlarge it you will see that Jackson was not loving the bridge.

Our Family!!!

Mommy with Hudson and Oliver and a pretty pink tree

I don't know why mom and dad make me pose for these pictures, I just want to go and play.

Here we are on the ferry, off to Bowen Island. We had a great time that day.

Jackson waiting for the ferry to arrive to head back to Vancouver.

Oliver on the ferry, again if you click on this pic I think it says on the sign below the window, do not lean on the window, but hey, Oliver can't read yet :)

The morning of the wedding, things were chaotic with John and I getting ready, so Geoff gave Jackson a ride, in his father in law's car, Jackson was sooo excited, he loved it.

This was the boat we sailed out on for the wedding.

The Bowering Family

Matt, Jamie, Cathy, John

Cathy, I am so happy for you!!!!! The boys miss you so much.

Here we are getting ready to head to supper. We had a great day, the sun was shining all day long.

At dessert Jackson was eating a fancy dessert, when Aunt Cathy came to say hi to him, all he said was... "Aunt Cathy, this cake is making me NUTSO" he must get those crazy sayings from his dad :)

Oliver had so much fun, and maybe a little bit too much sun.

I wonder if Daddy' will take me skiing one day to those mountains.

Oliver is a bit of a mischievous boy, he is always climbing in places where he shouldn't be and I do not trust those IKEA chairs to not topple over!!

Jackson found Auntie Pam's Halloween wig and had so much fun wearing it, he didn't want to take it off, he was so funny.

Jackson with his cousins, Lauren, and Ava. Jackson got WAY too much sun this day and did not want to take a nap and insisted he was just fine. Can we say HEAT STROKE

Jackson, Lauren, Ava, and Tyler

Me and my sisters
Nola, Valerie, Pamela, and Darla

A nice sunny day

Some of the next pictures show what fun the kids had after a night rain storm, they all had fun making mud pies and slopping around in the mud. I couldn't resist taking these pictures. You're only a kid once :)
Oliver just wanted to sit in this mud puddle, he wasn't sure of it at first when he first settled in to the mud.

This was Jackson's second set of clothes, at first he went in with his pants, took off his shoes and walked in with his socks. I ended up just putting on his swimtrunks and let him explore barefoot.

Oh Yah.... this is very theraputic

Hudson would travel to the bike then the puddle, he couldn't decide which he liked more.

Oh Ya, I think I like the bike better.

Dirty Hands

Can I have a Kiss??

Oliver having more fun, convincing Riker to dive right in!!

What did I say I like better the mud???

Yes, that's right, the mud is better!!!

Jackson was checking out the retro tricycle, all us girls used it when we were kids.

Hudson is upset b/c he wants more cheezies.

I think this guy stole them :)

What would a trip to the farm be without a ride on the John Deere Tractor :)

All the cousins taking a juice break
bk row Oliver, Avan, Tyler
frt row Logan, Hudson, Lauren, Jackson, Riker

Riker and Oliver


I still remember when Jackson as a baby and we set him inside the tractor wheel, there was no way he could reach the top of the wheel, he looked soo small, now look at him, what a big boy!!

Oliver and Hudson in the wagon mommy played with as a girl!!!

Daddy and Oliver enjoying Boston Pizza after a long drive back to Winnipeg!!!

Hudson taking a long sip of Mommy's pepsi

Jackson and Daddy
Best Buddies

Happy Father's Day
We took dad for a picnic in the park, then we bbq'd steak for him,
it was a great day of just relaxing.