Saturday, August 23, 2008

Random Pics

Here are just a few pics of the boys. We just recently celebrated Grandpa's birthday and now we are about to head to Thompson, MB for one week - I'm sure we will have lots of pics from that adventure. Life here continues to go well and we are having a fun summer which is going by sooo fast. Hope you all are doing well. Enjoy the pics.

Mom, I better just have a taste to make sure this is ok for us to serve to the guests - we wouldn't want anyone to get sick!

I think its ok, but I might have one more taste just to make sure :)

Uhmmmmmm, still not sure, I think its ok for the guests but you better let me taste it again.

I think mom figured out by now that I just wanted to eat the batter and the cream cheese icing, I sure love helping mom bake, she always lets me help in the kitchen - I still want to be a firefighter and a farmer but maybe I can add chef to the list as well.

My 2 supervisors!!!!!

My cute boys!!!!!

Finally the finished product, grandpa really liked them!!!
Uncle Matt and Jackson flying the kite!!!

Lady's Man

I thought Jackson looked really cute in this outfit so I had to snap a pic!!!

Someone gave Jackson these cowboy boots, I think they are adorable, I can't wait for him to wear them, I'll definitely have to take a pick when he wears them

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pics of summer

Well we are still having lots of fun this summer, even though some days the weather isn't cooperating we are still making sure we are taking advantage of being outside and having lots of fun. I really don't have much to write here b/c the pics will tell you what we've been up to, I still have to post some pics of me and my sister's tubing but for the most part here are more pics of summer fun.

2 of my 3 sisters came to Winnipeg and we went to Bowering cottage, this is my sister Val's oldest daughter Lauren, they had sooo much fun at the cottage, here is Jackson with a backpack water gun, he thought it was pretty cool.

We arrived back home late on the Monday of the August weekend, Lauren and Jackson were up early the next morning and decided to put on a rock concert, I'll post the video below, while they put on the concert, I quickly brewed a pot of coffee :)
Evie holding Jude, Cate holding Oliver and Me holding Hudson (thanks Cate for holding Oliver)
Our friends Tyson and Evie who live in Edmonton came home for a visit with their new baby Jude, they also have another son Blake who was born the same day as Jackson, so both boys are the same age, its pretty neat.

We went to Assinboine Park and had a bbq with our friends, Jackson and Blake are typical boys getting into the dirt and loving it, I think they even ate it. I LOVE IT - they are way too cute

Blake and Jackson having fun, they could of cared less that there was food at the bbq they were much to interested in collecting stones.

We had to wash Jackson's hair that night 2 times b/c there was so much sand in it, they just kept pouring dirt in each others hair.

Oliver and Hudson, as you can see they both want the same toy, this happens quite often and both are guilty of stealing the toy from the other and they are both quite sneaky about it, but today I caught you Hudson, let Oliver have that toy!!

Even when I tried to snap this pic, they both stopped to pose but neither would let go of the toy!!!!

Here were are at the cottage, our neighbours let us borrow their 3 man tube, Jackson decided to go with Grandpa and Grandma

Off they go, you can see the cottage in the background -being here is so much fun, definately a getaway from the stresses of life :)

Grandpa kept wanting to go faster but Grandma liked it nice and steady.

Here is John and I with our sweet boys, we just decided to plunk them in, Grandma started first by just dipping in their toes then John and I swam over and brought them in, they LOVED IT!!! John has Oliver and I have Hudson.

Not one of mommy's best photo's but she sure loves taking me swimming, maybe I can convince her to build a pool in the backyard.

Oliver and daddy - this was definately the highlight of our day, this was their second time in the water at the lake this summer, they have been sick with colds so we were sooo excited to take them in - they are going to love the lake water just as much as Jackson does.

Here is Jackson watching his brothers, one of his most favourite things is sitting on the edge of the dock just watching others and trying to see if he can see fish.

Jackson and Hudson having fun.

Hudson, he just loves being on his tummy!!!

Oliver just maxing and relaxing.

Jackson and Oliver playing.

Just the other day I was grocery shopping with the 3 boys and I was just trying to focus on my list and really wanting to get out of the store, all of a sudden Jackson says "mom, you need to by the personality cheese" I looked at Jackson and asked him to repeat what he has said and again he said " right there mom, you need to buy the personality cheese" as I looked over I saw tons of Cheez Whiz - I just started laughing and reassured Jackson we had personality cheese at home. For those of you who may not get this..... on TV there is a commercial for Cheez Whiz and it has a little song that goes "Cheez Whiz adds Personality, Personality,....."anyways its a cute little jingle that Jackson picked up on so i could resist grabbing it from our fridge and taking a pic!!!