Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Home for Christmas

On December 24 Nola, Jackson and I drove to the farm for Christmas. Jackson was very good and slept on the ride there and back. What a good boy.

Saturday we went to the candle light service in Estevan. We stopped by Grandma’s house on the way home and got a 4 generation picture.

Then on Sunday (Christmas Day) everyone came to the farm. We all opened presents, watched movies and played poker and Settlers of Catan. Oh yeah, and there was loads of good food.

This was Both Lauren and Jackson’s first Christmas at the farm. They seemed to enjoy themselves and everyone enjoyed having them around.

Monday after lunch we packed up and drove home. It was a beautiful day out and I got some nice pictures of the farm.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Putting up the tree

Last week we got the tree. As always it's a character tree, you never know what you're going to get when it opens up. This year was a good year and there weren't many surprises. After it opened for about 3 days Nola, Jackson and I decorated it. The tree was so tall that we couldn't put the angel on the top this year. Maybe that's a good thing as last year the angel kept committing suicide by diving head first off the tree. Here's what it looked like beginning to end:

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Olive Garden

Mom's favourite restaurant is Olive Garden. On Friday night Uncle Morley made a trip to Winnipeg and we went to eat some breadsticks, salad, and pasta. It was delicious. Jackson loved his time at the restaurant with Uncle Morely,

After Olive Garden it is tradition to go to Starbucks. Once again we had a wonderful time. Mom enjoyed her steamed milk and dad had a hot chocolate. Jackson said when he gets older he will try coffee:)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Click Here For Pictures of Jackson

Jackson Richard Bowering has arrived. The fun started on early Saturday morning and went for 37 hours. We were able to spend the first 24 hours at home but then the contractions picked up and off to the hospital we went. The room at St Boniface Hospital was very nice. Nola went into hard labour for about 12 hours until around noon on Sunday. Then a mere 90 minutes of pushing and Jackson was here. Nola did amazingly well, especially with no epidural. I was very proud of her. Jackson officially arrived at 1:30 pm on Sunday December 4. He was 5 days early. He weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces and he was perfect. We stayed in the hospital for another 48 hours and then we brought him home. Nola and I have been missing a little bit of sleep but he's worth it. What a great kid. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family. A lot of people have wanted to see picture so click on the folowing link to see them:

Monday, November 28, 2005

This weekend I went over to Reeves's house to play the new Xbox 360 on his giant projector. Even at 100+ inches the graphics were amazingly crisp and photo real. I was very impressed. In fact they were so real that if I sat to close to the screen I got motion sickness. Still, very impressive for first generation games. I can't wait to see what the games will look like in 6 months to a year. After some Xbox we rented Episode 3 as Reeves hadn't seen it. The super huge picture looked great. One day... One day I will build a home theatre room in my basement :) That evening we went to the pub, drank Guinness and discussed everything from work to movies to politics. Good times.

Monday, November 14, 2005

My buddy Nigel has moved back to Winnipeg from T-Bay after a few years. Reeves and I helped him unload his moving van on Saturday. Nig's mom has wanted him to move back to the city for a while now. So when he got the job here in Wpg he told everyone but her. Then he packed up all his stuff into an 18 foot moving van and drove to his moms house. When he pulled up to the driveway (4 hours late) he just held down the horn until she came out. She was a little shocked but happy to have him home. Now he needs to find a sweet bachelor pad.
Disregard this post.

I like this picture and I need to upload it so I can use it as my profile picture.
Malcolm and Marlys came to visit for the Nov 11 long weekend. We had a good time. One of the highlights was going to see the Nonsuch at the museum. Its a full size boat, indoors. We picked up a digital camera and took a few pictures.