Sunday, September 30, 2012

Corn Maze - A Yearly Tradition :)

 Barrel Train Ride, Hudson all ready to go !

 Oliver and Jessie :)

 Jackson and Josiah, so excited to ride this, it wasn't here last year, it was a big hit!!

 Hay bale maze :)

 Oliver getting ready to drive, Jackson looking a bit worried that Oliver might take off!!

 Best buds!

 Petting the giant rabbits, no babies this year!

 here comes trouble!

 Scooping dirt!

 Barrel swing!

 Oliver and the baby kitten, Jackson enjoying the view, he didn't want to hold them!

 Hudson and the kitty!

 I couldn't resist, they were way too cute!

 Getting ready for another ride!!

 Hudson wasn't impressed to be taking this picture

Peeling the corn
 Hudson was so proud he made it to the top!

 A very proud Oliver!

 Getting ready to jump!

Oliver taking a leap as well

Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn is Here :)

 Beautiful sunflowers that the boys surprised me with at work!

 Waiting to eat at the Red Top :)

Jackson, John, Oliver

 Hudson and Mom

 The Red Top restaurant was featured on FoodNetwork's "You Gotta Eat Here" We have been wanting to go for a long time so tonight was the night.
Here are Hudson and Oliver enjoying a plate of fries and gravy....they were sooooo GOOOD :)

 Jackson chomping down a cheeseburger.  I would definitely recommend this place, the burgers and fries were great!!

 After dinner we burnt some calories at Kings Park - I just love all the autumn colors, it was beautiful!

 Mom and her boys!!!

 Taking a short break!

 Jackson and the red leafed tree.

 Hudson running up the rocks, we kept telling him to slow down, he is a keener!

 Oliver being a bit more cautious.

Ready, set , go....... I bet mom and dad can't catch us!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lost my 3rd Tooth :)

Jackson lost his 3rd tooth last night just after supper, so exciting. 
The tooth fairy made a visit last night, good thing she had cash on her and didn't have to write an IOU!
Jackson's big question of the morning..."Mom, where does the tooth fairy get all her money from?"  Oh Jackson, one day I'll tell you !
Love you Bud!

Friday, September 07, 2012

1st Day of Grade 1

 So excited for grade 1 - he picked out this star wars lunch box and just couldn't wait to be in grade 1!!!

Thanks Auntie Darla for this awesome 3D backpack!!

 I love that smile getting of the bus ready for school!!

 When asked what Jackson wants to learn in Grade 1 he said
a)I want to know how a snake swallows an animal
b) I need to know how a boa constrictor can swallow a man

 Jackson with his friend Keinan!!

In Line up #7 ready to go in !!!
Below is Jackson coming off the PM bus, Hudson and Oliver so excited to see him!!

Monday, September 03, 2012

One Last Hurrah at the Cottage

 Hanging out at the cottage on September long weekend 2012 - we had a fabulous time, here are the boys shucking corn with Grandpa for supper !

 Exploring and having fun!

 I took this picture thru the window, both boys wanting to drive the boat!

 Getting ready to head out on an adventure!

 Hudson seemed so relaxed watching a movie like this :)

 Hudson setting the table for dinner Saturday night, preparing for steak fajitas and for dessert - banana quesadillas  :)

 Oliver playing doctor with Dad - checking out his epiglottis.  

 Now checking out dad's ears - all looks good!

 Hmmm Dad.... a scary situation as I look at your feet - let's see......

 Yes, just as I suspected, YOU NEED A PEDICURE :)

 Sunday night the boys hauled up tons of old scrap wood, getting it ready for the fire... they loved walking from under the cottage up to the fire pit area  - they worked very hard!

This is going to be one crazy fire!!

 Oliver lending a hand as well!!

 Here it is !!


 Oliver - so excited!

 Man grandpa - will this pile ever end!

 Grandpa and Hudson!

 Oliver and Hudson enjoying some cereal on Monday morning!

 Jackson catching up on some morning TV!

 We were all packed up ready to leave, bathing suits and all packed and they boys asked...PLEASE, PLEASE JUST ON MORE SWIM, so of course we let them...who needs swimming trunks anyways!!