Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! Jackson sure had a good time trick or treating. Although we had tons of snow, that didn't stop us. It actually was a nice evening and Jackson said he would share his candy with us. I cannot wait until next year to dress Jackson him. We sure think he is the cutest lion ever.

Well this picture was taken when we first got our costumes. Lauren is a bumble bee and I am a lion, mom got a really good deal on my costume. It is very warm. I love it.
Look at all my candy!!!!! I even got bath toys from daddy's friend Nigel. I think it is a great gift. I think I'll give these chips I got to mommy.
Look at all my loot!!!! What a variety I got, chocolate bars, suckers, fruit, goldfish!!!!! Yum Yum, I love Halloween. I really love my nose, mom used brown washable marker on it. It came right off at the end of the night, thank goodness!!!!
Look at this huge pumpkin dad bought, I love it. Mom says I can help carve the pumpkin next year.
Dad mad this scary pumpkin, he sure did a good carving job!!!!!
Here is the pumpkin again. The kids that came to our house sure loved it.
Here is my friend Victoria, she was a lamb. We are very good friends. She is trying to steal my cup, I better get it back.
Oh mom, please let me help carve this pumpkin. I just want to get my hands in there.... I promise I won't make a mess :)

The Month of October

Hi Everyone, well we kept very busy for the month of October. Jackson and I were in Minot, North Dakota, helping my sister out who had her second baby, a boy. I was there to help her out because she had a c-section. We had a lot of fun and Jackson and his cousin Lauren became great buds over the past 3 weeks. We will post more pics of halloween

Here is Lauren and I with Grandpa Herman. He came down with Grandma, they are taking the train to D.C. to see Aunt Darla.
Here we are at the train station, Grandma Herman thinks I should come along in this suitcase but I don't think I will.
Mom, for Christmas I would like all the items on page 212, 214, 215, 230, and yes please throw in the XBOX 360!!!
We kept telling Riker it was going to be ok, but he just wouldn't listen to us.
Lauren and I have become good buds, I cannot wait until we're older and we get to run off the dock at the cottage and jump into the lake!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Building the Guest Cottage

Last weekend my cousin Kris and I went out to the lake to help dad build the sub-floor for the new guest cottage. The Friday before we left I had some time so I mowed my lawn. It was a bit cold out but I was only in a fleece. Definitely fall weather.
Kris and I left the city by about 6 pm. About 30 min out of town we were in a full blizzard. It was snowing so hard you couldn't see very far out the windshield. Not the kind of weather you want to build a guest cottage in and I think we were both starting to wonder what we'd signed up for. We got to the cottage by about 9pm and there was a few inches of snow everywhere. This was winter. As we got to our doc the slanted transition piece was so slippery that you needed to use a rope to walk up it. Before we went to bed mom and dad told us how miserable the weather's been the last few days. Not very encouraging stuff. The next morning at least the sun was up but there was snow everywhere and all our lumber was covered in ice and snow.
But for both the Saturday and Sunday that we worked the weather turned out great. The mornings were a bit cold but it just kept getting warmer as the day went on. As you'll see in the pictures below the snow keeps getting less and less and by the end of the day sunday we were in t-shirts. Not bad at all.

We started at about 9 am on Saturday morning. Mom and dad had already put in the centre beam and the josts that the bathroom rests on.
First we put up the main posts that the front of the cottage rests on. Then set the front beam across the three posts. Then we hung all the joists between the centre beam and the front beam.Once we had set all the joists in the right place we nailed the it all together
We laid beaver board between all the josts. The beaver board keeps the insulation from falling through.
Once all the beaver board was in place we laid all the insulation.
After the insulation comes the vapour barrier.
We then screwed down the plywood floor and started the second level. We built the back wall then laid down joists for the upper level.
It's smaller then the lower level because the bathroom is going to be on the main level in the space you see here.
Again we put in the beaver board and the insulation...
while Dad worked on the stairs.
We put down vapour barier again and then screwed down the plywood for the upper level floor.
With Dad's stiars finished and the top floor in place we were done!
The place looks great and I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done. The view of the lake is fantastic. Next up is the walls and the roof. Dad hopes to get them started next spring, bringing all the material over the ice (all the material fror this job was hauled in by boat by dad and me and then carried a few pieces at a time up the 60 foot hill).
It was great to have Kris there to help and thanks to Mom who fed us like royalty (homemade soup and sandwiches for lunch (with 6 types of cheese) and roast pork and homemade pie for super!!!). It was a good weekend.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Riker Virgil Potter

Well nephew has arrived!!!! He arrived on October 11. His name is Riker, and he is adorable!!! He weighed in at 9lbs, 10oz and was 21 inches long. He is a cutie. My sister Valerie is doing good, she is still in the hospital and getting lots of rest. I think Riker is adorable, I keep telling my sister he is the cutest American baby boy i've ever seen.
Enjoy the pics!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10 Months Old

Jackson is 10 months old today and is sick with a bad cold. He is also cutting more teeth. He had teeth when he was 3 1/2 months old. He now has 8. We haven't been up to much. Of course we continue to do our daily walks. Jackson loves to sit in the grass, eat leaves and play with bugs. He is your typical boy. We will be heading to North Dakota for Thanksgiving, it will be a great time getting together with the family.

We will be sending more pictures when we are there, you will then see new pics of Jackson's cousin.

Jackson is also starting to stand, he does a great job of it.

Did I ever mention that Jackson has a huge head!!!! Well apparently the Bowering men have big heads, I really didn't believe this, but was told this when I was pregnant. Then at one of my last doctor appointment's, I happened to have an intern working with my main doctor. He was feeling my belly to see how the baby was doing and he yelled out "holy cow, that baby has a huge head!!" Now to a new mom who had never given birth, that is not something you want to hear. It is a funny story now, but it wasn't funny then. So then on this past Monday, Jackson had his 10 month appointment and the doctor told us Jackson is in the 90th percentile for the size of his head. I told the doctor I had already known that b/c he wears hats that should be for 3 year olds. I look at Jackson and think he is perfect and that his head is normal but sometimes I can't help but thinking I have the baby Stewie from the Family Guy:) Hope you enjoy these pics, keep coming back for more, we can't wait to show you Jackson's Halloweeen Costume!!!!

Did I ever tell you that I love bath time, I love the water and splashing!!! Check out my cool bath robe :)
Here I am with Grandpa Bowering. Grandpa and I have lots of fun together, he loves to sing to me. He wanted me to try his coffee but I told grandpa I prefer white chocolate mocha's, extra hot with very little whip.
We had pumpkin pie tonight, I helped mom make the whipped cream, she even let me lick the beaters.
Here I am with my best buddy Victoria, we hang out almost everyday. We are in Polo Park mall, we both love shopping.
I always help mom put away the laundry, she has it folded nicely, but I like to take it out and fold it my way which is throw it everywhere.
Here we are celebrating Grandma Bowering's birthday. I did not feel well this day, I had the flu, but Grandma saved me some cake for the next day. Grandma sure loved the necklace and bracelet I gave her.
This is my good buddy Josiah. My mommy and daddy are good friends with his parents. We have great times together. I can't wait until we're older and we get to play by the creek.
Check out my new hat and jacket that mommy bought me!!!! I love it, it keeps me nice and warm and of course the hat is extra large!!!!!!!
I just love my new cup, I can now suck thru straws, they are so much fun.
I forget to mention that I am in my big boy seat in the car. I really enjoy looking forward now. My seat is so comfortable!!
Here I am ten months old!!!! I try to hold the paper for the camera but I would much rather just crumple up the paper!!! Hope you liked my pictures, see you all soon.