Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 3

Hours worked: 9(9:00 am - 6:00pm)
Workers: Mom, Dad, Nola, Jackson and Gimpy McGee (me)
Progress: 15 inches today for a total of 44 (out of 72)

Today started out fine. I was digging while Nola went to the airport to pick up Mom and Dad. They went home to drop of their stuff and then came back to help. We dug for a bit, had lunch and we were ready to get going again. I was emptying my first load into the bin when I felt a pull in my ankle. I kept going but as I tried to dig more I realized I couldn't push off my back foot. I had stretched a tendon or something.
Now if today was the last day I would have kept going and taken it easy over the next few days, but today is Wednesday and I'm still predicting Sunday as my finish day. So I reluctantly stopped digging. I just sat there very unhappy and watched everyone else work. Stupid leg.
Anyway, dad dug like crazy and actually made it all the way down to the bottom on an 8 foot section. Nola and mom kept the wheelbarrows going and I just sat there thinking of how much more work we could be doing if my leg was fine.

By about 5pm we had a new problem. The bin was almost full. I had called Dave at lunch but he said he was very busy. He said he might be able to make it by the end of the day to pick up the bin but if not he would pick it up early Thursday morning.

By 6 he hadn't shown up and the bin was as full as we could get it. I called Reeves and Nig and told them thanks but there's no point in them coming over to dig. Mom and Dad went home to rest.

Even though I couldn't help in the afternoon it was a good day. Dad did great and making it to the bottom (even for only 8 feet) is encouraging. It was very hot again but at least it didn't rain. The next few days look great - low 20's and little chance of rain. Tomorrow should be a productive day. Mom and dad are over all day and we'll have a fresh bin. Hopefully my resting today will have paid off and I'll be back digging tomorrow.

The predictions

Predicted completion date:
Digging - (I'm sticking with it) late Friday
Everything - still Sunday.
# of bin loads - 5

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