Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer, Swimming, Ribs, and Camping

 Enjoying Time at the cottage, eating a yummy rib dinner!

 Honey BBQ ribs, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob, coleslaw....this is the life!!!

 Being Silly


 Mom, I don't need a bath, just throw me in the lake!!

 Swimming, mom is out very far, Jackson and Hudson trying to get her.

 Dad with Hudson and Oliver

 Our first camping experience,dad snapping a picture in the morning!

 When is breakfast, where is my coffee?

 Someone left a bench on this island, worked perfect for a drying rack!!

We named this island J.O.H.N  island
J for Jackson, O for Oliver, H for Hudson,and N for Nola!!

Another view from JOHN island, in the distance you can see the rocks, we same all around that area!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Fun Continues

 My oldest sister Val and her kids Lauren and Riker came to Winnipeg for a few days, here we are enjoying the Half Moon !

 The Locks
Hudson, Riker, Oliver, Lauren, Jackson

 The new play area at the forks!
Jackson, Oliver, Hudson

 Rowing - dad can sit back and relax, we'll navigate

 Hudson trying out the drums

 Hudson loved this wolf!

 Next performance will be at Carnegie Hall :)

 Oliver in his house :)

 A shot from behind!

 Oliver why do you seem so tall?

 The cousins, just hanging out!

 Jackson balancing on the paddle wheel !

 You can tell how keen John was to take this picture

 An evening treat at Dairy Queen!

Chocolate covered marshmallows, dipped in mini M&M's.....thanks Grandma Bowering!

Monday, July 02, 2012

 Proud of you Jackson
Holding his report card, moving on to Grade 1 in the fall! 
Way to Go!

Holding his Anakin Skywalker bobble head doll - his gift for passing Kindergarten :)
Oliver being lazy watching "Say Yes to the Dress", Mom's favourite!


 Doesn't this look delicious - my best gal pal Karen surprised me and brought it over on Thursday night, she is going to her cabin for the next 3 weeks, so she wanted to make sure I had a treat.  My birthday isn't until July 10th  - Karen thank you for your kindness, this cake was DELICIOUS, that butter cream icing made my evening!!!!  I love ya, thanks for being a terrific friend!

 On our way to the Osbourne street festival, they boys were loving their large slurpees!!
Oliver, Jackson, Hudson

 Bouncy Slide!!

 Teaching the boys how to snorkel, they loved it, we threw coins on the bottom of the pool, they spent literally hours in the pool.
Oliver and Hudson loving their new masks and snorkels
 Jackson with his mask!

Flowers my team teacher surprised me with on the last day of school.  Thank you Tracey!!!  This year has been WONDERFUL - I have loved teaching the little little kids, it has been so much fun, can't wait to do it again in the fall!!