Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorry its Been So Long

Hi Everyone, yes it has been awhile but we have been busy with numerous projects around the house so that has kept me away from blogging but I do have lots of pictures this time so just follow below and you can see what we've been up to :) Oh yes and if I do not get Christmas pics up, a Very Merry Christmas to all of you and all the best to you all in 2009 :)

Here is my sweet Olive Bug or I think I want to start calling him Night Owl... he is such a cutie and he loves to clap his hands and is the night owl of the family, he feels that he needs no sleep and wants to stay up late with mommy and daddy to watch television, he is always chuckling and he is going to be quite the comedian :)

Here is my little chunko Hudson, if you let him, Hudson would sleep all day, he is a little porker and wants to eat whatever is on mommy's plate, it doesn't matter if his tray is filled with food he wants whatever he see's and he just inhales the food, I have to keep telling him to swallow. He is way faster at moving around the house than Oliver, he is always getting into something.

Hudson and Oliver, don't they look content, honestly they are like this almost all the time.

Here is Hudson, eating of course, I think he got into the chocolates or a cookie, I can't remember.

Jackson turned 3 on December 4th and we had a John Deere party, he requested a John Deere theme so I tried my best to accommodate him.

We had a great party with tons of friends, Christie is on the left and Josiah is on the right, we had so much fun, Jackson LOVED opening his presents, he got a John Deere tractor, a tow truck, robots, bulldozer cats, a transporter, Lightening McQueen and mac, plus lots of clothes, books, batman body wash and bubble bath, and of course this bicycle, I was so happy that he had soo much fun!!!!

Here is the Cake I made, it took me a long time to ice but I was really happy with the outcome, I think the John Deere green turned out great!!!

This was the day after the party, we came home from church and all 3 kids CRASHED, here is Hudson!

We didn't even take off Oliver's jacket, he was just too content.

Here is the birthday boy, he was sooo worn out but again he had a fantastic time.

Jackson got a John Deere apron for his b-day, he is sooo proud of this apron, thanks Josiah and Jessie - this gift goes really well with the cleaning set he also got, he has his own broom, mop and mini vac, he loves to sweep up messes on the floor, the only problem is he sweeps up milk, we still working on what cleans up what but at least he wants to clean, what a good worker.

Most days I find Hudson and Oliver getting into things, and both boys take equal turns beating up on each other here Hudson is about to have a seat on Oliver :)

Look at me mom, Hudson loves standing really close to the TV.

Here is Ayla, she is Jackson's friend, she was over for a playdate and she was very motherly to both Oliver and Hudson, making sure they got all their snack and drinks and she also made sure they had clean faces, thanks Ayla

This is Ayla's sister Riley, she was much more content to just watch Hudson and Oliver, she knew her sister was doing a good job and she would rather be the supervisor.

We went to the Christmas party for John's previous workplace, in the garage they set up an course for the kids to drive jeeps and check the engine and fill up with gas, it was soo much fun the kids really enjoyed it. I think a lot of the kids will have wiplash b/c they would rev really hard on the gas then slam on the breaks, it was funny.

Here is Jackson enjoying a leisurely drive with his new buddy.

Here is Hudson and cousin Jay at Auntie Georgina's b-day party :)

Here is cousin Kris with Jackson, they really have fun together, Jackson has lots of fun asking Kris lots of questions such as "why is that FORD tractor in this basement - don't you know that FORD spells JUNK :)" I really like the special bond that these guys have.

Here is Daddy and Hudson at the party, great smiles guys!!!

Here is Oliver with Grandpa Bowering :)

We're not really sure what Hudson is doing in this picture or what grandpa is doing either, either Hudson wants to explore grandpa's mouth or grandpa didn't get enough to eat at the party :)

Here is Jackson making gingerbread cookies :)

All ready to go in the oven

He is very focused on trying to put the icing on the gingerbread men.

Mom take this tray already I just want to eat one!!!

Every year since John and I have been married we get each other a Christmas ornament to add to the tree, since having Jackson and now Hudson and Oliver, each boy receives a new ornament each year, that way when they are ready to move out the house I will give them their box of Christmas ornaments. This reindeer is Hudson's he got it this year and it is from starbucks!!!

Here is my new ornament from John, I love Willow Tree and absolutely loved this ornament.

This is Oliver's ornament, is it called Heart of Gold, I just like the little boy!!!

Here is John's, "super gamer", he of course loves the XBOX so I thought this one was appropriate!!!!

Here is Jackson's - he is always telling us he wants to be a firefighter when he gets older so of course he needed this one, although on Sunday he told us he may want to be a ice cream man, but why not do both !!!!
One last funny story, today I was making coffee and Jackson asked "mommy, what are you making to drink" I replied "coffee"... "well mom, I can't drink coffee, its just way too strong for me, maybe you can make me a light drink" WHAT A CUTIE

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I can't believe it was already Halloween, I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. We had a fantastic Halloween, I can't believe how beautiful it was outside, the weather was fabulous and it was so nice that there was more daytime light for us to enjoy. This year Jackson was a giraffe, Hudson was a lion and Oliver a dragon - really Hudson was suppose to be the dragon but he is a bit of a chunko so we switched costumes and all was fine :) We celebrated lots this week with playdates and making yummy treats. We spent Halloween with our friends Jonathan and Karen and their 2 children Josiah and Jessie and also with our friends Aaron and Christy and their daughter Abbey. We had lots of fun trick or treating and then enjoying a nice meal indoors afterwards. All in all a great great time - Jackson was so excited to go trick or treating, he was very curious to look in each person's house and made sure to tell them to put the candy in his bucket and fill it up :) I just smiled the whole time we were outdoors, it was great to see Jackson and his friends having such a great time.

We recently just had family photo's taken and they turned out GREAT - we had a great time and the weather cooperated with us.

I also spent a week in Minot at my sister's house, we had a great time and the cousins sure had fun playing together all day long!!!

Well I will post another blog entry shortly - it is John's 31st birthday on Monday so I'll post some pics from that. Hope all is well with everyone!!!

These are our pumpkins, I love the scary one in the front and the cat one is neat as well :)

I carved 3 pumpkins and John did one, Jackson kept saying GROOOOSSS and MEESSSSY - he doesn't like the feeling of it at all and didn't want to get his hands dirty, must be the texture b/c he has no problem getting them coated in mud!!!

Here they are in light, I painted the cat pumpkin black, I think it turned out fairly well, you can't see the one pumpkin at the back very well but he has stars for eyes

Hudson and Oliver are crawling like crazy throughout the house. Hudson tends to move more than Oliver and Hudson loves to crawl out of his pants and parade around the house. He is too funny.

These are the Halloween cupcakes Jackson and I made, we called his girlfriends over to taste them and I think they approved :)

This is Alexa, Jackson loves to play with her and he loves to go to her house as well. We had a hard time getting them to look at the camera as they were more focused on eating the icing off the cupcakes!!!!!

Jackson and Alexa took a break from their snack to say hi to the camera - they couldn't keep their fingers off the icing - I guess Halloween time is for eating as much sugar as you can :)

Here is Hudson on the left and Oliver on the right and in the exersaucer is their girlfriend Kaleigh :) Kaleigh and Alexa are sisters, again we have fun playing together, Jackson gets his girlfriend and Hudson and Oliver have to fight over Kaleigh:)

Here are Hudson and Oliver in their funky Halloween hats from our friends Bryan and Tara-Lynn, these hats are tooo cute, they remind me of the hats those gangster rappers wear, I forget the rappers name but I think they are adorable!!!

The boys seem so proud of their hats, YO YO YO Check us out !!!!

These are the caramel apples I made for Halloween, I started them with caramel, then coated them in white chocolate then sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar, they were DELICIOUS!!!!

Here are Jackson and Victoria, they are such good buds they just love to hang out and play!!!!!

Here we are starting our trick or treating, Jackson is so excited.... again I couldn't stop smiling the whole time we were out, I'm so happy it was a great day:)

I think Jackson felt the same way I did b/c that smile on his face never came off the whole time:)

Here is the whole gang, Abbey who was tinkerbell, Josiah is the monkey, Oliver the dragon, Hudson the lion, Jackson the giraffe and the white kitty is Jessie - she is trying to catch that Lion :) or is she trying to catch the Dragon :)

Here they all are again, hmmmm that Kitty Cat seemed to make her way inbetween the
Dragon and Lion, what is she up to ????

Monday, September 29, 2008

Autumn Fun

Here are more pictures of what has been happening in our life since I last blogged. Aunt Cathy came to visit and we were very excited to see her!! She spent one evening with us and we had a great time eating a good meal, playing outside on the trampoline, and going for a walk to get a coffee and some ice cream, we really miss her and Jackson is anxiously awaiting the day he can go on an airplane to see Aunt Cathy :)

I went to the spa last week for an appointment that lasted 2 3/4 hours - it was FANTASTIC - I think I should go every month - it was a well deserved break. LOVED IT !

We spent one weekend at our friends Jonathan and Karen's cottage and that was GREAT, it was sooo peaceful and relaxing to be in the outdoors in the beautiful autumn weather! The kids had fun exploring and going for walks outdoors and we had a great time watching movies and eating delicious food.

I also took care of my niece and nephew for one week while my sister was at a conference in Reno, so it was John and Nola + 5 ... we had a great time and it was a busy household but we had tons of fun, it was a bit quieter when they left and I was sad to see them go.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving and then Halloween, Jackson gets sooo excited for Halloween, I can't wait for you all to see their Halloween costumes. Until then enjoy the pics and I will blog again soon.

Check out my digger sweater :) I love it - Mom thinks I'm so handsome !!!

Here are pics from Hudson and Oliver's room. I painted the letters and I think they look very nice on the wall.

Oliver's wall :)

My 3 musketeer's - they just love all hanging out together.

Here is Aunt Cathy with Jackson and Hudson, all 3 are suppose to be focused on reading the story but they all seem distracted.

Aunt Cathy and Hudson!!!! What great smiles.

Jackson, my niece Lauren, and my nephew Riker - they all look a bit worn out, they always woke up EARLY and played hard, then crashed in the afternoon.

Here we are at the cottage Hudson, Oliver, Jessie, Jackson, and Josiah - all great buds and Jessie will be well looked after with all these boys :)

John and Jackson enjoying the scenery.

Jackson loves fall just as much as I do, the colours and leaves were BEAUTIFUL!!!

More autumn fun!

Hudson and Oliver also enjoying the outdoors, I just love their hats I bought!!

I like this pic, Jackson is just too cute in this picture and Hudson and Oliver were happy to be out of their stroller :)

Oliver and Dad !

Hudson - he ate a handful of leaves after this picture, he wasn't too enthused by their taste.

Oliver just being his curious self.

Me and my boys :)

Another pic of our family!!!

Jackson in a wagon full of leaves.

They didn't stay in there for long.

Just enjoying a beautiful fall day!!

Me and my boys!! Queen of the house!!!