Monday, June 17, 2013

The Fun Has Begun

 One day John and Jackson went out to run some errands.  Jackson begged John to go to a sports story right beside Old Navy, so in they went and Jackson was in his glory, trying on the hockey equipment!!

 The Winnipeg Jets mascot, Mick E. Mouse, showed up a Jackson's school BBQ!

 Father's day weekend, having a picnic at Assiniboine park with calabria subs, then getting ready for a bike ride!

 At a BBQ at my friend Liana's house, Hudson and Oliver, loved this vehicle and were driving it around her backyard!!!

 Red River Ex with Jackson and Josiah!!

 Wouldn't be complete without corndogs!!

 Can you see Hudson in the front seat of the roller coaster?

 Jackson and Oliver having a blast on this ride, the cars whip you around the track!!! They loved this ride.  More pics of this one further below!!

 Hudson excited to get a picture.

 Just came around the part where the ride whips you around!!

 checking out the Army set up... can you see Josiah and Jackson in the background!

 Very excited!

 We called this the "superman" ride... boys loved it, Oliver went on it 3 times!!

 Hudson and Jessie!!

 Hudson and Oliver !!

 Coming around the curve!!!

 Whipping them around!!!

That was AWESOME!!

The boys running the bases at the Gold Eyes Game.... heading for home.... Hudson, Oliver, and Jackson