Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sweet Moments

I just went to check on the boys before I headed to bed, and this is how I found's not a good night unless you go to bed as Wolverine :)  Must of had the mask in his bed!!
Sweet Dreams Hudson!

Go Jets Go!

 Jackson learning how to skate on the backyard rink!!!

 Jackson was very excited when I bought him #33, I got a very good deal on it.  When I went to work all my co-workers couldn't believe I didn't buy both shirts (I told them I had a hard time deciding)...any ways,  so the next day one of my co workers went out and got #16, too good of a deal I guess not to pass up having both numbers in the house!!!

Oliver and Hudson enjoying some painting time :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

I Can't Believe it....Hudson and Oliver are 5

 It's hard for me to believe Hudson and Oliver are 5!  They turned 5 on January 13th and had their party a week later.  The week leading up to their party was a rough one, they were sick everyday that week, including the day of their party.  As the day went on they seemed to get better and better.  You can see from the above picture, poor Hudson isn't feeling too hot.  They did not want cake this year but instead Pavlova's.  One of their faourite desserts!!!  I also made white chocolate covered oreos and chocolate chip rolo cookies, which they loved!!!  Happy birthday boys!!! I cannot believe how fast the past 5 years have gone by, so glad you are part of our lives!!!

 Opening presents..... this year the present opening felt like the olympics, things move fast when you have 2- 5 year olds opening gifts at the same time.  Here is Oliver showing off his GI joe gift!!

 Hudson excited about GI Joe as well!!!!

 This picture taken on their actual birthday.....Hudson and Oliver - love you lots!!!

 Oliver and Hudson have been asking for the Skylander game for their b-day.  I love the look on both their faces, so excited to receive this gift from big brother Jackson!!

Check out the cool snowboards and helmets from cousin Kris and Nicola - the said we needed to sign a waiver form - shhhhh don't tell them they haven't given it to us yet!!!! :)

All in all a great b-day with tons of fun, nerf guns, light saber fights, board games, cool Star Wars toys, hoodies, and dart boards!!!

Monday, January 07, 2013


 Jackson is a LEGO addict and he is very good at it.  I really need to take pictures of all the LEGO he has put together, I'm very proud of him.  These pics were from our Christmas holidays.  John and Jackson worked very hard to create these skyscrapers.  I love how well they worked together and listening to their conversation from upstairs!!

They both were very focused, working on their own skyscrapers!!!
 Here is the finished product, can you tell which famous buildings they are trying to mimic??