Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Updates

Well I cannot believe that Hudson and Oliver are now 6 weeks old, time sure flies! Things here in our household are going well. Both boys are now sleeping 5 1/2 hours at night which is fantastic :) They are great babies, very maxed and relaxed - our days are busy when all 3 boys are here but I wouldn't trade it for anything. We just cannot believe how blessed we are and that our boys are very good kids. Jackson sure loves his brothers, he takes care of them and just adores them. I ventured out by myself with Hudson and Oliver the other day and it went very well, I have to say I am going to develop some pipes from carrying a carseat in each hand.
Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the pics.

Mom let me feed the brothers - mom and dad said I did a really good job!!!
We are getting bigger and bigger everyday, I don't know why Oliver isn't looking at the camera
My girlfriend Victoria came over to play, he daddy is a police officer, maybe this picture shouldn't be on here.... mommy get ride of the evidence
Oh no not more evidence
Daddy taking a well deserved break with his boys
Jackson and his cousins Riker and Lauren, they had a great time when they were here, watch their Rockstar video below

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1 Month Old

Can you believe we're 1 month old today :) We're both a little tired this morning, we didn't let mom have alot of sleep, we conspire during the day to see how much we can make mom and dad lack sleep, its lots of fun, but we're paying for it this morning, we're very tired but the fun part is we can nap all day :) See you all soon !!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Almost 1 month old

Hi Everyone !!
Well I cannot believe that soon the boys will be 1 month old, wow does time every fly by fast. We are slowly but surely adjusting to a schedule here and getting more and more sleep everyday. Honestly I cannot complain they let me sleep for 4 1/2 hours at night which is great, they don't even wake up, I have to wake them up to feed them so they are being angels. I can already see differences in their personalities, Oliver is more laid back and relaxed where Hudson is more needy - he just wants extra attention from his mommy!!! Oliver was so active in my tummy and Hudson really wasn't active at all.
John and I are still have a hard time telling them apart, even though Oliver is a bit smaller, he is making gains everyday in his weight so soon they will be the same weight and that will even make it harder to tell them apart. Hudson has a bit bigger head but thats about all we can do to tell them apart. They have no distinguishing marks to tell them apart so we better figure out something soon, I will have to break out the nail polish and paint someone's toe nails, who will it be.

We just wanted to show some new pics, we are slow in getting them on the blog but you all understand how busy our household is - it is a good busy and we're loving every minute of it.
Jackson sure loves his brothers and takes every opportunity to give tons of hugs and kisses.

Oliver gets the orange soother -= O for orange O for Oliver :) Hudson will just have to settle for blue.
Mom loves to take pictures of us, aren't we cuties :):) Oliver is on the right and Hudson is on the left.

This pic is a bit blurry but Oliver doesn't look to impressed and I'm not sure what Hudson is up to.
This is Hudson's Magnum pose - Blue Steele John and I think he should be in Zoolander:)
More pics again!
The proud big brother!!!