Monday, January 07, 2013


 Jackson is a LEGO addict and he is very good at it.  I really need to take pictures of all the LEGO he has put together, I'm very proud of him.  These pics were from our Christmas holidays.  John and Jackson worked very hard to create these skyscrapers.  I love how well they worked together and listening to their conversation from upstairs!!

They both were very focused, working on their own skyscrapers!!!
 Here is the finished product, can you tell which famous buildings they are trying to mimic??

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Jade said...

Hey Nola and family! Its Jade from VIP, I love all these pictures on your blog, especially the ones of your birthday Jackson. I am so sad I couldn't have been there at daycare on your birthday to give you a big birthday hug!! I wanted to pass along my blog address so you and Jackson could take a look at my adventure so far. It is

Stay warm! Go jets!