Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hi Everyone, well I am taking advantage of the time change, we have been up since 6am (I know most of you will say, well really thats 7am) but 6am is 6am. The boys do not care about the time change. So as they are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I am updating the blog, finally!!!! Life again has been very busy for us and I don't think it is slowing down any time soon. Hudson and Oliver are now in there big boy beds - they look so little in those big beds. They are doing well with the transition and we still have more accessories to add to their room but after many hours of painting, the mural is finished!!!! I think it turned out awesome and am so glad we did it. Halloween is also finished and the kids got 4 huge bowls filled with candy, it was crazy - I never remembered getting this much candy as a kid!!!! They are set for a long time. John's b-day is coming up so we will go out most likely to a pizza place on his actual b-day and then we will have a family party later on. So after John's b-day is done preparations start for Christmas decorating, Jackson's b-day, Christmas shopping..... YIKES Someone told me there are only 8 Saturdays left until Christmas .......I feel like time is flying by......We hope you all are doing well and enjoy the pics... Life in the Bowering Household is FANTASTIC and like I always say we are way way way more blessed than stressed!!!!!

Hudson and Oliver recently got tattoo's at daycare. Now here's the thing, I am not sure who is who's girlfriend. The two girls they have an eye for are Ayla and Riley, so as you can see from the next two picks Oliver had Alya tattooed one his arm and Huson had Riley tattooed on his arm . I need to talk to these boys and I've talked to Ayla and Riley's mom and told their girls to "BACK OFF" :):):):):)

This next picture is for Hudson and Oliver's daycare workers, (I am pretty sure they read this). Dear Workers: As much as I appreciate your artistic ability, why does the girlfriends name get to be at the top and as well be a BIGGER HEART while lonely old mom sits at the bottom?? :( :(:(

We celebrated Grandma Bowering's b-day back in September and this is the cake mom made for her, it is a tiramasu cake, it turned out great!!!!

Josiah and Jackson went out on a date with their mom's to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. There must be something very exciting on the screen, look at the trans there are in :) I love it!!!!!

Karen and I had so much fun on our date with our little men. There were so excited to get their own snacks and they took everything in.... when the movie was finished they applauded and yelled "YEAH" They had so much fun, I can't wait for them to see Cars 2

Hi Mom, I love you!!!!

I can't remember where we were heading this day but the kids just love standing in the back seat having a good time.

Here I am being so silly in mommy's shoes, I love the clicking noise her shoes make when I'm walking round and round the house.


Hurry Up Jackson bef0re mom see's us.......


Auntie, I love when you come to visit, we always have so much fun!!!

Uncle Jamie - WE MISS YOU!!!! We can't wait for you to hang out with us and play with our toys and see you play Beatles Rockband, Auntie is very good, you'll have to challenge her to a song!!!

Hudson, Oliver, Jackson, Billie, and Kaya - we are having fun while are parents our playing rockband!!!

Grandpa Bowering came with us to the WIGGLES, thanks for coming with us Grandpa, we had a great time.

Grandpa and Hudson enjoying the WIGGLES.

Daddy and Oliver, I don't have the actual photo prove but John was a jammin and a dancin to the WIGGLES

Mommy and Jackson, singing and clapping away, you'll see why when you see the next picture

Toot toot chugga chugga big red car

Oliver had been battling ear infections in both ears so he needed a good rest during the show.

I think the excitement got to Jackson so he as well needed a good rest, Hudson on the other hand was a dancing machine through the whole show!!!

Jackson's Halloween costume - Mack Truck, we are very pleased with how it turned out!!!!

Mack again!!!

Hudson and Oliver's treasure map, it turned out great. A big thanks to Jonathan and Karen for giving up their Saturday to help us out, thanks guys for watching the kids and thanks Karen for helping paint. Love you guys!!!!
Happy Halloween
Jackson said "this is the best costume ever"

Hudson the Panda and Oliver the Lion
They refused to keep the head of the costume on.

Look at these great costumes.
Josiah's parents made Lightning McQueen, it turned out fantastic, both boys got tons of compliments on their costumes. WHAT FUN!!!

Hope you all had a great FALL, and that the winter won't be too harsh for us all!!!!!
BOOOO!!! We had so much fun carving our pumpkins!!! SCARRRY