Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Please don't End!!!

 We spent some time at Derek and Jessica's cottage, the guys worked and the mom's took the kids out for an adventure. Here is Oliver searching for shells and treasures!

 Taking a walk on the beach!

 Samantha and Hudson!

 Oliver and Hudson enjoying the water!

 Building sand castles!

Oliver and Hudson trying out their new bow and arrow - this means trouble!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Enjoying Family Time

 Today we spent some time exploring Winnipeg, we walked ALOT - the boys had a great time.  Our first stop of the day was at Carbone Pizza.  This restaurant has been around for about a year in Winnipeg, they are actually opening a 2nd location downtown.  It is the only authentic coal fired pizza experience in Canada.  They boys loved their pizza.  Thanks Bryan and Tara-Lynn for reminding us about this place, glad we went :)
Oliver about to take a giant bite of pepperoni pizza :)

 Oh yeah this is good!
Love you Hudson!

 Jackson drinking Pepsi
Note the painted nails, last week at his before and after school program they had "SPA DAY", I came to pick him up and his hair was dyed orange and his nails painted, Jackson as so excited he said, "mom I even got to put cucumbers and cream corn on my face".... I was a bit perplexed at the cream corn expression when the teacher explained to me that it was a corn meal mask :)  Too cute Jackson, I can tell the cucumbers reduced the puffiness in your eye ;) Here's the bright side - your nails are the Bomber colours :)

 Oliver and Dad, always happy when pizza is involved :)

 Having big conversations as they walked along the river :)

 At the fountain of the parliament buildings.  John and I had some of our wedding pictures taken at this fountain.

 So excited to have their picture taken infront of the "Golden Guy".....

 Boys, boys, get your history straight, it's the Golden Boy!

 Hudson enjoying this polar bear!

 Oliver with I think, the northern lights bear...I'm probably wrong on that ...

 Jackson thought this one was cool :)

 See I'm confused b/c this one could be the northern lights bear...  Oliver really enjoyed the bears

Oliver once again!
 Getting ready to throw in pennies!!

We made our wishes, we will never tell :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good times with great friends!!

 Christine and I met almost 7 years ago while on maternity leave with Jackson.  She stopped while I was walking with Jackson and asked if I needed a walking partner, turned out that her daughter Victoria was born 3 days after Jackson.  We hit it off immediately and the rest is history.  So happy we met, God definitely had his hands in this meeting.  Christine you are an amazing friend, so happy we met and that our kids get along so well.  Love Ya Lots!!

 Hanging out
Hudson (4) Victoria (6)  Oliver (4)  Landon (4)  Jackson (6)

 Crazy Crazy and more Crazy!!

Victoria and Jackson

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rock Island

The boys have had so much fun this summer at the cottage.  One of their favourite things is to go out exploring on the island.  John takes them for long hikes and they love it.

This past weekend we were without power for approx. 17 hours, on Saturday morning we made cinnamon buns on the bbq and then Grandma Bowering took the boys on an adventure, they explored, picked wild flowers and then ended up on the other side of the island which the boys now call "Rock Island", thanks Grandma Bowering for the pics, the boys can't stop talking about it :)

Cooling off after a long hike :)

 Making memories with Grandma :)

 They use the pail to collect any treasures they might find along the way!!

 I am so curious what story Hudson is trying to tell on the rock!

 The 3 Musketeers!

Fun fun and more fun!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dancing...Dancing... Dancing.... He's a Dancing Machine...

Oh Jackson, one day I 'll show this at your wedding :)

Monday, August 06, 2012

 All the cousins having breakfast at Aunt Val's place :)

 It's Batman :)
You look awesome Oliver !!

 Valerie, Darla, Nola, Pamela
The Herman Sisters :)

 Causing Trouble Again, I blame it all on Darla :)

 Uncle Travis and Oliver, trying to be Angry!!

 I prefer the happy faces!!

 Getting ready to swim
back row left to right  Tyler, Riker, Jackson, Lauren, Ava
Back row left to right  Oliver, Logan, Hudson

 Jackson jumping in!

 Ready Steady Go
Oliver you are a speedster!

 Cool dude on a scooter!!

 Oliver eating his BMT Sub!

 Hudson cowing down!

They all shared a 12 inch sub, in a few years I'm sure we'll be ordering 3 - 12 inch subs to help their growing appetites :)

Friday, August 03, 2012

Longest Post so far :)

 Oliver and Hudson at the nature park before we head to the cottage 

 Poor butterfly, I think he was hurt 

 Cottage time, dad getting his exercise!

 Annual trip into Kenora, to eat at Haps Pub of course, so delicious!!

 Husky the Musky!!

 Snack time, J E L L O

 Annual weekend of our best buds Jonathan and Karen coming out - enjoying morning breakfast, homemade cinnamon buns, thanks Karen!!

 Pirate treasure adventure, the kids followed a pirate treasure map out to an island and found the treasure chest!!

 Opening it up to find caramilk bars!!

 Here is the map and treasure chest

 Building a trench!

 John, hurling water at the kids on the dock!

 I don`t think he realized how hard he was throwing it!!

 Maybe having your back to dad would be a better idea!

 Jessie girl and Jackson

 Good job Oliver, roasting marshmallows!!

 So Good!

 I think this will do!

 Who doesn`t like smores

 Sticky mess Hudson!

 Love it!

 Too cute  - Love you Oliver and Hudson!

 Good Job Hudson!

 Yep - looks just right!

 The smile says it all!

 going on an adventure while the parents enjoy the fire!
Hudson, Oliver, Jackson, Josiah, Jessie

 One of my most favourite things at the cottage is the moon, love how it glistens on the water at night!

 Me and my Olive bug!

Love you Oliver