Sunday, July 13, 2014

Slow Down Summer, You're Going to Fast

 We spent the past week at the cottage with our friends Craig and Jennifer from Seattle.  WE HAD A BLAST :)  Here is Craig playing the lego game with the boys, I wonder what Jackson is talking about.

 We ate alot of great food this week.  Here are 2 gourmet pizzas we made.  The one on the left is potatoes, rosemary, red peppers, and prosciutto and the one on the right is fig jam, arugula, proscuitto SOOOOO GOOOOD :)

 Making homemade corn tortillas, using the tortilla press for shrimp tacos :)

 Jennifer and I - oh I wish these guys lived closer!

 Getting ready for a double date - heading to Barely Brothers, Pizzeria Gusto, walking on Corydon and heading back for some board games :)

 Babysitting my beautiful nieces.
Cadence, Hazel, and Alice :)

 Trying out the new water tube :)  Great fun!!

 Cadence and I catching some rays!

This was alot of fun.  Alice wanted to go faster, Cadence was not sure it was safe.  We had a good time.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Summer is Here!

 Here we are all ready to celebrate Canada Day.  We had friends over for burgers at lunch time, then went to other friends for a dinner bbq and then out for fireworks.  It was a fabulous day!
 The boys decided at our friends house that they needed to dress up, so of course I took pictures.  These are great for their wedding day!!  Here is Oliver and Jackson, and Hannah.  Before they dressed up they did their own Canada Day facepaint, it got pretty crazy!

 Hudson was so happy about this, I can't say the same for John ;)

 This past week the boys had their friend over.  Jackson wanted to let him use his Backstreet Boys notebook.  Really it was his Beatles notebook.  I thought I better start Boyband 101.  Here is Jackson with a John Lennon doll ;)

And of course FIREWORKS.
We were so close this year that debris was falling on us.  IT WAS AWESOME.  I can't even explain how great they were this year. It was terrific time.