Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 5

Hours worked: 12 (8:30 am - 8:30pm)
Workers: Dad, Nola, Jackson and me

We started out today cleaning out the bottom of the hole and making sure the wall was clean. For the patch to stick the wall and the bottom of the pit have to be clean. Then we tried to find the crack from the outside. Just like last fall we couldn't find it so dad went in and measured where it was from the inside and we traced a line on the outside.

Then I tarred the crack while Jackson and Dad prep'd the waterproof membrane.

Then I primed the wall with this awful solvent while dad applied the membrane. The solvent is so strong especially in such a confined space. They should put that stuff behind the counter with the model glue.

Dad had to leave to go run the fishing derby at the lake. I thanked him for all his very hard work. I tarred all the seams of the waterproof membrane and then put in the new weeping tile.

Now after all that effort to empty the hole, it's time to fill it up.
They dropped off 20 cubic yards of gravel on our driveway. It just fit.

To protect the membrane from being torn and damaged by the gravel that's being dumped against it we took all the boards we had been using the protect the grass and propped them against the wall.

They only need to be there for the dumping of the gravel but I'll leave them in. They're not hurting anything.
Now on to shovelling lots and lots and lots of gravel. By 8:30 we decided to call it a day. It looks like I've barely made a dent in the huge pile.

Tomorrow, all that's left to do is get all the gravel in the hole and put the top soil back for the 8 foot section in the back. That's it. And as huge as that pile looks (people point and laugh as they drive past) it goes pretty fast. Nig said he would stop by to help. Thanks Nig. So I think we will be total done by mid afternoon tomorrow. And it only took 4 days of digging and 3 bins. Not bad.

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