Wednesday, July 30, 2008


As you can see from the title, you've probably guessed it - we've bought a trampoline - the base of the trampoline used to be John's family's and no one wanted it - so when we bought our house we offered to take if off of john's parents hands and store it at our house. The mat to the trampoline was unusable and there was no protective pad to go over the springs and there were springs that needed to be replaced. So John did some research if it would be better just to buy a brand new trampoline or replace the parts on the old trampoline, after doing some research we found that it was just cheaper to replace and get a new mat, order more springs and buy the protective pad for the springs. It is now in our back yard and we are having so much fun with it. I'm sure the boys will have more and more fun as time goes on using the trampoline.

I'm not sure if you can read the warning label of the trampoline..... only 1 person at a time, no flips...........hmmmmmmmmmm I officially live with 4 boys.... do you think my husband and 3 kids will adhere to these warning???? I doubt it.... oh ya and no smoking and no sharp objects on the trampoline.... wow I'm glad that let me know about that, guess I better find Hudson's tobacco, Oliver's matches and Jackson's knife set :)

Our friends Jonathan and Karen were over with Josiah and Jessie, we all had fun trying the trampoline out.
Already breaking the rules!!!!!

Jump Jump Jump

Jackson loves running in circles on it.

Breaking the rules again.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sing....Sing A Song

Jackson LOVES music, he loves singing, dancing, anything connected to instruments, anytime he hears music he always gets a little dance going and I often find him in another room just singing away sometimes it will be songs from daycare or songs from Sunday school, we recently started to teach him "Hit the Road Jack" he thinks this song is soooo funny - he loves to sing to his brothers as well. Enjoy this little video!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This was attempt #1 at getting their 6 month picture, sometimes I like to do them separately and sometimes together, today Oliver just wanted to eat the paper and Hudson was anxiously waiting for his picture to be taken. We'll try another

Ok take #2, Oliver still wanted that piece of paper and I've just learned that this picture will do, I could stand there all day trying to snap the "perfect pic" but this one will do just fine.

Yesterday I was driving and saw that the fruit stand had saskatoon berries, for those of you who have never tried these berries you're missing out. Last night I made 8 pies, as you can see from the pic there is only 7 - grandpa bowering was over last night helping John cut branches down from our front tree, it was pretty high up to get all those dead branches, we really appreciated his help so I gave him one pie :)
Also on Monday of this week I was in the living room cleaning and the door bell rang, I went to the door and there stood Jackson with a bouquet of roses. He said here mom, these are for you b/c you're pretty :) What a little sweetheart, I'm sure he had some help from my other sweetheart!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sumer Fun

We have been having lots of fun this summer, we spent 10 days out at the cottage and it wa great, although the weather was a bit cooler, we were still in the water everyday except 1, that day there was a storm and we were without power from10am-7pm, we make good use of our time that day with John reading, Jackson playing and watching his charged portable DVD player, Hudson Oliver mostly slept, and I caught up on tons of scrapbooking.
We even headed into Kenora one day and had a fabulous lunch together as a family.
I turned 33 on July 10th and we had a fun day just relaxing, we are having a birthday supper soon in Winnipeg to celebrate. John and I will also be celebrating 5 years of marriage this July 26th, we will be out at the cottage but when we get back we will find a date for Grandpa and Grandma to babysit and we will go out to dinner and perhaps a movie!!!!! Hudson and Oliver are little chunko's, they are putting on lots of weight and eating lots of food. They love their cereal, Oliver loves carrots and Hudson loves peas. All boys continue to do well, Jackson is also having a fun time 2 days a week at daycare, today he will be visiting the fire station and next week he will go to the zoo. Hope you all are doing well, more pics to come soon.

We just love our veggies, we're not too sure about peaches and pears but we sure do love banana's and applesauce!!!

Jackson making pizza, he is taking after John. Jackson sure had fun making pizza

His favourite is ham and mushrooms, at least he takes after me in pizza toppings, John is just a plain old pepperoni guy!

Oooo I just want to put this cheese in my mouth, it looks soo delicious!!!

All ready to go into the oven

Hudson loves to stand, Oliver is still being a bit lazy in this department, our friend Tara-Lynn snapped this pic when they were over for a BBQ

Here we are at the entrance to the Air Force Base, looking at all the airplanes

This is Jackson's first slurpee, well his first slurpee of his own, he loved it and was so proud to go into 7-11 and pick out his own flavour, he chose Orange

Mommy and her buddy

Mommy, Oliver and Jackson

Mommy and Hudson and Jackson

Here we are again

Oliver and Hudson

They just kept smiling!!!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Hi Everyone - We LOVE summer. Since I've last been here we have been having fun in cottage land. First was father's day and that was great - we spoiled dad - he got a bocce set, crocket set, 2 XBOX games, the XBOX play and charge kit, and a book called McMafia,and a nice lounging lawn chair - oh yes and the "dad" willow tree angel b/c he needed to be represented in my collection - dad was really spoiled and had a great day and John had a great 20 oz steak!!!

We also spent some time at my sister and brother in law's cottage at Lake Metigoshe that was alot of fun, the weather was great and the kids had soo much fun.

Then the last weekend in June we spent our first weekend of the year at our cottage, for those of you who don't know where it is, it is in Lake of the Woods, which is in Ontario. We spent this last weekend of June/July 1st with our friends Jonathan and Karen and their kids Josiah and Jessie, we had sooo much fun, the weather was great, we had a fire, we set off fireworks, even the one day it rained, I went swimming (which is probably my favourite thing to do, I love swimming in the rain or just plain old swimming in general). We are now home for a short bit and then heading back out to the cottage for another 10 days.

Hudson and Oliver are continuing to do well, they are slowly getting over bad bad colds and its hard to believe that on the 13th they will be 6 months old - where has the time gone - Jackson is his chatty little self and just loves being outdoors teaching his brothers new things everyday.

Me and my boys keep ourselves busy with a mom's group, going shopping, we attended the daycare BBQ and also went to John's work for a BBQ - its fun just hanging out and doing things with my little men.

I also am about to turn 33 - I told someone a little bit ago that I was turning 32 - I guess my brain isn't up to par but I will be 33 this year and my 32nd year has been a good one. Also, John and I will be married for 5 years this July 26th - we were chatting the other night thinking wow 5 years ago did we ever think we'd have a house, 3 kids, a mini - van, we are just incredibly blessed and life is soo good.

I hope you all are having a terrific summer and I'll post more pics soon.

Here is Jackson getting ready for the boat ride on the pontoon(spelling?).

Oliver and Hudson, best buds, they always like to hold hands :)

Jackson is getting braver and braver floating in his life jacket, he loves to put his face in the water and blow bubbles and he really like to drink the water

Daddy and Oliver



Mommy and her buddy Jackson - he just woke up from a nap

Sleeping Beauty Jessie, she is a little princess among all these boys!!!

Hudson and Oliver in swimming gear - they haven't been in the lake yet, but once their colds go away they will be ready!!!

Jackson loving chocolate chip pancakes:)

Jonathan and Karen out on a canoe ride

Jackson having fun in the little boat filled with water

Oliver and Hudson like to hang out on the boat, they love the rocking of the waves

Look at my smart Hudson reading his book - just maxing and relaxing, enjoying cottage life

Oliver would rather be napping than reading :)

Jackson loves his car and driving it on the waves

Jessie and Hudson, we're still not sure if she wants Hudson to be her boyfriend or Oliver

Jessie showing a little leg for her man :)

Josiah and Jackson getting ready for the fire, I think Jackson is trying to steal some marshmallows from the bin.

Hudson and Oliver ready for the fire



Josiah and Jackson ready for fireworks, they were real troopers, it was really late but they were so excited to see the little show that John and Jonathan put on for us!!

Hudson at 5months
Oliver isn't the only one that gets to wear orange :)

Oliver at 5months

hurry up mom and take the picture, I can't smile forever :)