Sunday, June 22, 2014

Soccer Soccer

Hudson and Oliver played soccer this year.  This is their team the Dolphins.  What a fabulous group of kids, and the coaches were FANTASTIC.  Oliver and Hudson loved soccer this year.  WAY TO GO!!

 Hudson and Oliver getting their certificates and trophies.  This was a HOT day - they did so well and are so proud of their achievement!

A break at the canteen, pop, popcorn, hotdogs, cotton candy and chocolate bars.  YIKES lots of sugar bugs for these boys!!!

 This past week we also had mini grad at the boys' daycare, here is Oliver :)  Too cute :)

 And here is Hudson - love you buddy :)

Getting there pictures after they performed 3 songs.  1st Grade, On My Way, and Let It Go :)
Have fun in grade 1!! Love you both soo much!!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Summer Fun

 We took a bike ride through the trails for Fort Whyte.  It was a lot of biking, but so much fun.  Here we are having a stop to check out the bisons.

 At the Bison Lookout :)

 Standing at the top of the treehouse.

 Before we biked the final stretch, we stopped for a drink.  They did so well today, we biked 7 1/2 km.   Way to go Boys!

 After biking we ran some errands then came home and put the sprinkler under the trampoline.  They loved it :)

Enjoying some fun pirate coloring activities before we head to church :)

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Summer Has Started :)

 The boys have been bike crazy this season.  Here we are on a long bike ride at Kildonan Park.

 Picnic at Kildonan Park :)

 The next day we took another bike ride at Kings Park and also had another picnic!

 Flowers make me happy!

 MMMMMMM Pancakes!

Oliver as a black and red spiderman, Hudson wanted a flaming skull and Jackson with the maple leaf!