Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, we have officially survived our first family trip - it went very well :) We traveled to Minot, North Dakota, to spend the long weekend with my sister and her family. We had a great time with family, good food, some shopping and of course the Easter Bunny made a visit to our place. Jackson, Hudson, and Oliver have so much candy that they could start up their own candy store, and since Hudson and Oliver cannot even eat yet, that means Jackson thinks all the candy is for him so we find ourselves hiding it or John and I take a piece and eat it every time we walk past the bowls - these 2 bowls are big bowls and one is strictly chocolate and the other candy stuff. This snow needs to melt soon b/c I need to get walking. The boys also got some fun puzzles and toys, Jackson LOVES Cars (the movie) so he got some things from the dollar store connected to that movie. I have to say I love Dollarama - it is the best dollar store I have ever seen and I can get Disney Car stuff there, so its even better. All in all it was another good Easter, we were up early on Sunday morning and attended a very nice church service. I also got the chance to see one of my very good college friends and we got a chance to have a good visit- it was great.
The drive home felt a bit longer, let me tell you, I am extremely thankful for portable DVD players. My girlfriend lent me hers and although I try not to let the boys watch alot of TV, when you're traveling more than 3 hours,(Minot is about 4 1/2 - 5 hours away) let me tell you, nothing is greater than having content children and a movie softly playing in the background - it seems to make the trip go just a bit faster - we did not get a DVD player in our van and we only try to put on the movies when they get really antsy but it is FANTASTIC!!!! Even if I have to watch the same short cartoon over and over again, you slowing learn to tune it out. I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday, I am thankful for so much this year. Twin boys who are sleeping thru the night and have been doing so for quite a bit, a toddler who will soon be fully potty trained, I will have to make notes with Jackson and hopefully it works when its Hudson and Oliver's time, life has been good to John and I, we feel incredibly blessed everyday and are so thankful for so much. Keep coming back for more pics!!!!!

Home at last with all the candy and treats on the table. Look at all this candy, and stuff from the dollar store, the clothing is from Grandma and Grandpa Herman, they recently went to Florida and brought back stuff from DisneyWorld - the kids were so excited!!!
Here is our first official family picture, its harder and harder to get everyone to look, we've given up on the "perfect picture" I think this one turned out great, dad even let Jackson sit in a pink chair :) This pic is at my sisters house in ND.
Riker and Lauren in the back, then Oliver, Jackson and Hudson in the front
We sure are proud of Jackson and how much he LOVES his brothers!!!!
Here they are again.

My girlfriend was over last week with her daugher Aria, she fell in love with Oliver :) She's an older lady who seems quite taken with the youngest Bowering Boy :)
Really Mom, I didn't do anything, I am always innocent :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Good Times

Well things here continue to go very well. I have to say I am incredibly happy and just feel so blessed to have my 3, I mean 4 boys in the household. I think having a baby prior to having the twins has really mellowed me out. I couldn't ask for better kids, who are so maxed and relaxed. Don't get me wrong things are BUSY and it is a bit crazy when 2 babies are crying at the exact same time and a toddler is tugging your pant leg b/c he want milk or a "mighty machines dvd" but I know in the end it will be all A-OK and that stressing will not solve anything. I used to be a big HUGE STRESS BALL but since meeting John and becoming a mom I find myself more mellow and mellow, I think the stress may come when these boys become teenagers and start driving and me meeting their girlfriends :)
We will be taking our first trip with the whole family as Easter to see my sister in ND so that will be fun, I am getting pedicures with my sisters while the dads watch the kids. Hope you like the pictures, there are a bit more of Hudson b/c he just smiled so much the one day, Oliver will get his turn later.
More posts to come later!!!!! I'm looking forward to spring and spending time outside with my boys and seeing the tulips come up in the front yard.

My mommy is so cute and funny.
Is that dad telling me a funny joke :)
OH MAN - I am sooooooo cute!!!!
come on Oliver you can do it, stop being so serious :)
Ok that is a good smile for mommy.
Yes I know Oliver, you'd rather be playing XBOX than smiling, or maybe the XBOX is what makes you smile
Jackson having a good time at the park.
Trying my best to get them all to look at the camera
Again, can't get them to all look but at least jackson is having a good time
Getting ready to go out, Hudson on the left, Oliver on the right
Mom just got us these new sweatshirt jackets, we love them, they are cool and cozy.