Monday, January 19, 2009

Bath times and Birthday parties

We Love Bath Time, Hudson on the left and Oliver on the right :)

Do you like our crazy hair, soon it will be time for our first haircut, hopefully we like haircuts more than our brother. Jackson hates getting his hair cut.

Next is a few pictures of our birthday party this past Saturday, mom and dad did such a great job throwing our party. We had so much fun. Mom and dad had lots of friends over for us and we got to eat lots of food, eat yummy cake, stay up late, and dance while the adults played rockband. It was so fun, what a memorable 1st b-day. We have also put our happy birthday song video's at the end for our grandma's and grandpa's. Grandma and Grandpa Bowering are in Russia and Grandma and Grandpa Herman are on a cruise to the Panama Canal, we missed you guys so these video's are for you :) Enjoy the pics.

Here we are eating with our girlfriend Jessie, we had her sit in the middle of us so there would be no arguing on who got to sit closer to her.

Here are our older friends, thanks Josiah, Victoria, and Abbey, for coming to party, we sure love you guys. Thanks Jackson for being a great big brother.

Oliver loved putting his gifts on his head, what a silly monkey.

Mommy and sweet Oliver!!!

Hudson you just need to wait until its your turn and you can open your presents.

Oliver enjoying his party.

We seem to have a lot of pics of Oliver, he is very interested in that wrapping paper and ribbon.

Hudson loved his bath toys, he is in love with this pelican :)

I had 2 cakes for the party. I was going to make both cakes but after chatting with John he thought it would be best if we bought one and I made one. Don't tell him, but he was right. I think it was better stress wise for me to order one. I return to work in one week so I have been a bit stressed but all will work out just fine. This lion cake was a big hit and thank you to Safeway for making it :)

Here is the ferris wheel cake I made. It's called Wheely Deliciouis :) I had so much fun making this cake and I think it turned out really great.

Oliver before

Oliver after

Hudson before
Hudson after

Here are some of the adults enjoying the party and watching a movie.

Oh mom and dad I had soo much fun, turning 1 was so fun, thank you, love Hudson!!!!!

I had so much fun, thanks mom and dad, I loved my party, it was a blast.
Love Oliver

The Bowering Boys sure know how to party, I think they get it from their mom :)

Here is the above mentioned singing of "Happy Birthday". Once for each birthday boy of course.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Oliver Happy Birthday Hudson

Hi Everyone

Today is Hudson's 1st Birthday and today is Oliver's 1st birthday :)

We are having a party on Saturday, but we just had our family celebration today, it was nice and the boys had a really good day with a playdate in the morning a long nap in the afternoon and McDonald's, cupcakes, and presents tonight, enjoy the pics, I will post more pics after their party on Saturday!!!!

I also added some other candid shots :)

On our way to Saskatchewan for Christmas the sun kept getting in Jackson's eyes so he borrow my sunglasses, here he is napping with them on!

All bundled up to go and see the tractors and combine!

I wonder if Uncle Morley will let me drive this all by myself ???

Jackson had fun riding on the snowmobile, he liked that Uncle Morley didn't go too fast.

Here is Jackson trying out the other snowmobile

We have a tent downstairs and Hudson and Oliver love playing in it, they are always chasing each other into the tent and giggling away :)

Here are my little cuties again, Hudson in the red and Oliver in the yellow!!!!

Hi Hudson

Hudson and cousin Cadence

No matter how many times we tell them no, and no matter how many times we pull them away, they insist on standing right infront of the TV

Happy Birthday meal, our first cheeseburgers from McDonald's, Hudson loves fries, they just woke up right before supper so I think they're still a bit out of it ;)

Happy Birthday my sweet Oliver!!!!!!

Don't touch Hudson, we saw earlier today what happened when Oliver touched the candle OUCH!!!!!
Happy Birthday my little chunko Hudson!!!! We love you!!!

Oh Mom this food is soooo Yummy, thanks for the good meal!!!!!!

Hudson definitely has a sweet tooth, he just gobbled up his cupcake!!!!

Oliver was quite excited with the money he got in his card, hMMMM what will I buy ??

Hudson wasn't as excited about cash, I think he'll be a saver !!!!!!

Hey Oliver and Hudson, I have a little trick, everytime mom and dad say "look at the camera", just look away and see how many times it takes them to take this picture!!!

Hudson and Oliver got these new chairs for their birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Bowering, they love Jackson's and now they have one of their own.

Here are my little readers!!!! Thanks Bryan and Tara-Lynn for these great books and the clothes, we love you guys!!!!! Come and play with us anytime!!!!