Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 7

Hours worked: 5 (2 pm - 7 pm)
Workers: Nola, Jackson and me

It's done.
It's all done.
After we got back from church we went to work on the last of the gravel and by about 6 it looked like this:

That's a nice picture.
We had a little too much gravel, better too much then too little.

The whole side of the house is gravel anyway so I just spread it out.

And it's done.
Of course if your a home owner you know that it's never really done.

The air conditioner is still strapped to the wall and I want to put a gate/fence up.

Then I want to build a shed it the back corner next to the tree. We laid down some gravel in the corner and I'm going to use some of the paving stones as the floor. I couldn't leave the paving stones on the grass so Nola and I moved all of them.
Anyway I'm glad that it's done. I figure I probably saved myself about $6000 by doing it myself. That said I hope I never have to do it again.
Thanks to Nola, Mom and Dad, Nig and Reeves (thought that counts) for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you and I really appreciate it.

So that's the end of our basement repairs. Now it's time to renovate the inside... eventualy.


Cliff and Orma said...

Good job, John and Nola. Isn't it fun being a homeowner? Hope you can take some time off now and enjoy summer. Jackson is really growing. We are finally in Florida and starting to head north. Love to all, Cliff and Orma

mr zig said...

aw man... looks like so much fun!!! I hope i NEVER have to do that to my house - but, if I do... I know who to call! hehehe - Anyway very impressive that you did that type of job on your own!!!

hey, before the summer is over you guys still gotta come on over one eve... yeah, I know - we have to call and make the official invite... we will...

Anna said...

Hey Nola,
I just posted a message to your post from way back in December... anyway, just incase you don't see it, I was just saying HI and congrats on all your new adventures! I'm glad to see that you're doing well!!
Hopefully I'll see you around of these days...
Anna :)