Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 2

Hours worked: 13 (8:30 am - 9:30pm but 1 hours was lost due to the rain delay)
Workers: Nola the Wheelbarrow queen, Jackson the foreman and me
Progress: 14 inches today for a total of 29 (out of 72)

We got an early start at 8:30am. No Nig today so I dug non-stop and Nola emptied wheelbarrows non stop. At about 11:30 Dave came and picked up our full bin. We had lunch and were waiting for Dave to return we suddenly it started raining. We flipped up all the boards against the wall to cover the hole and this kept most of the water out.

Dave got back with the empty bin around 12:30 but it was still raining hard. Desperate times called for desperate measures. A few roofing nails later and ta-da

The tarps allowed us to keep digging while it was raining. The rain slowed down by about 2 and stopped around 3. There was still lots of water on the gound but fortunatly almost none of it got into the hole.
Nola worked so hard. She was with me emptying wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow for almost the full 13 hours. She only took brakes to feed Jackson (who's been a saint and slept through much of this). Jackson observed and made sure everything ran smoothly.

So after the rain stopped we realy got digging again. But with all that water the humidity got pretty bad. The average high for May 23 is +20. Today, when you factor in for the humidity, it felt like +34. In fact right now at 10:43pm the Weather Network says it feels like +32. It's only supposed to get to +21 overnight so tomorrow should be a hot one as well. Also there are also lots of thunderstorms in the forcast.
Today was a long hard day. We did 14 inches today which isn't bad as things slow down the deeper you get.

Tomorrow Mom and Dad are flying in around 9am. Dad is going to get changed and then come help dig during the day. Thanks Dad. Then Nig and Reeves said they would stop by and help dig tomorrow after work. Thanks guys. I think tomorrow should be a productive day.

Here are my revised predictions

Predicted completion date:
Digging - (I'm going optimistic) late Friday
Everything - still Sunday.
# of bin loads - 5


Buckets said...

If you cart away all the dirt, what are you going to fill the hole in with?

Bowering said...

My wall is cracked because when it rains the dirt soaks up all the water and gets very heavy. This presses against my wall and cracks it. After I waterproof it I'm going to fill the hole with gravel. When it rains the water will run right through the gravel and drain out the weeping tile.

buckets said...

Who know fixing a leak in the basement wall was so complicated...