Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and the Aviation Museum

Here we are in ND at my sister's house, this is the kids' attempt at making a pyramid.
As you can see, the weather was great!!!

They just couldn't make the pyramid hold!!!!!

Hudson climbing up the tree stump, he loved being up there and never wanted to come down.

Hanging out in the basement. The desks the kids are sitting on are from the elementary school my sisters and I went to. My sister was able to purchase 2 when the school shut it's doors a few years back. Good ol' Benson Central School!!!!

Jackson and Riker

Hudson and Lauren, she always had her arm around either Hudson or Oliver, she loves to take care of them!!!!

Passengers please buckle your seat-belts...turbulence expected!!!!

Grandma Bowering giving us coins for the helicopter flying machine!

Oliver and Jackson, Jackson could of stayed in the cockpit all day, he loved it!!!

Oliver trying out the flying machine!!!

Everywhere in the museum it stated, do not touch, do not cross the ropes, poor kids, it was like putting them in a toy store and saying you can't touch anything.

Oliver and dad in the kid play area

Auntie Cathy tried to teach us a few things about flying but we really didn't listen, we just said look you just move this up and down, and that's flying!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Crafts

I just bought this wall stencil/stick on this past week. I actually bought it for my classroom and loved it so much that I bought one for home for the boys' play area. I even got a great deal on it - $2 at the Dollarama store - so that even makes me feel better . Who knows it may look like a $2 wall sticker but what matters is - - - - - I love it!!!!

Wee College

Jackson has been part of a 2 year program at our church called Wee College and it has been fantastic for him. A big thank you to g-ma and g-pa Bowering for giving up their Tuesday mornings to transport Jackson to and from his classes. Thank you so much and thank you for giving Jackson the opportunity to partake in this great program!!!!! Jackson graduated this past Friday evening and then today in church he sang. He did so well. Good Job Buddy!!!!

Getting read to perform!!!!

Getting ready again!!!!

On my way to the stage!!!!

So proud of his bible, medal, and diploma!!!

Proud Dad and Mom!!!!

Buds - Christy, Kaylyn, Jackson, and Jackson!!

Pastor Martin giving him his diploma!!

Hudson!!! When Jackson would walk by, both Hudson and Oliver would yell - "Way to go Jackson, Way to Go!!!!" they are very proud of you!!!

Singing at graduation night!!! Look closely, he has a John Deere belt on!!!!

Below are 2 videos of his songs!!! Sorry for the blurriness.
Jackson is front row, 3rd in from the left!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Wedding Pic!

One more pic from the wedding we recently added, and in the background are Derek, Liana, and Hannah!!! I love this pic Liana!

More SpringBreak Fun

I attended a wedding yesterday at the conservatory for my friend/co-worker Dawne. Doesn't she look beautiful!!! Thank you for letting us share in your special day. Ken and Dawne we are so happy for you, enjoy your honeymoon!!!

John and I at the wedding, isn't he handsome !! Love you John, thanks for always being there for me no matter what, you are an amazing dad and my best friend!!! I love you Buster!!!!