Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 4

Hours worked: 10(8:30 am - 6:30pm)
Workers: Mom, Dad, Nola, Jackson and me
Progress: 33 inches today!! for a total of 75 (out of 72 - that means were done digging)

I started today with my ankle feeling fine and an empty bin. We now had 4 wheelbarrows. Nola and I worked together and Dad and Mom worked together. We dug like crazy and by the afternoon both dad and I were at the bottom. We just managed to fit everything in bin #3. It was close but we got the door closed. Now we have to clean the wall and the floor of the hole. I've ordered the 20 cubic yards of gravel and tomorrow we'll tar and patch the wall. Once patched we dump in all the gravel and make it look as if nothings changed. It feels so great to have all the digging done, and on Thursday! We should be able finish most if not all of the work tomorrow.

Thanks Nola, Mom and Dad for all you very hard work.

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