Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Yes I realize again what a long time it has been since my last post, but here is my reasoning.... I want to enjoy as much as my summer as I can and my time with my little men is very short so I feel the blog can take a back seat and no one will mind :)

I have to say we have had a fantastic summer, even though the weather may have not cooperated I feel we took advantage of the summer and it has been great.

We spent time in North Carolina, North Dakota, hung out with many of our friends, and we had many great trips to the cottage. I even swam in the lake at 63 degrees. Even though some weekends may have been a bit cooler at the cottage, it didn't matter to us, we always had a great time, the kids enjoyed the water and even if it rained, it was still fun to stay indoors and relax. Complaining about the weather won't get me anywhere, and I feel really lucky to have a cottage to go to, so I will always try to enjoy it no matter what the weather brings. John's mom and I swam so much in the rain, it was FABULOUS!!!!

The boys have been doing so well..... Hudson and Oliver are very stubborn boys, Oliver tends to pick on Hudson quite a bit and they all get into trouble on way or another. The boys are done with their soothers and done with their sippy cups!!!! Whoo Hoo

Jackson and I have been going on weekly "dates", we have enjoyed our shopping time and eating out together. He is such a cutie and always make my days with comments like "mom you make the best lunches ever" (even if they are macaroni and cheese with hotdogs, I love to hear these things) or if I ask him if he'd like mac and cheese, his response is "I think we can do that !!"

Hudson and Oliver are soon to move into their big boy beds, stay tuned for pictures of their new room, I am very excited about it.

I also surprised John last week with a hotel room and Grandpa and Grandma Bowering stayed back at the house and babysat and had a overnight with the 3 boys. This was our first overnight away from all 3 boys and I was so happy I surprised John. He has been so patient and I just wasn't ready a year ago to leave my boys but this year I was and so I booked a room!!!! What a great surprise for John!!!!

I have 1 day left of my summer vacation, so I'm a bit sad, but I am also excited about the fall weather to arrive and just spending more time with my boys. I have added a few random pics below, ENJOY

Even though the lake was a bit chilly for us we still went swimming in our pool and had a blast!!1

Here we are taking a break and watching Mickey Mouse ClubHouse - one of our favourites!!!!

Silly Jackson


We love spaghetti, I don't know if mom loves it as much as we do :)
Hudson and Oliver

Hudson and Oliver

Mommy and Oliver

Grandma and Oliver love to sit out on the ledge and look at the birdies.

Hudson and Oliver went with their daycare on a field trip to the zoo. They asked me if I wanted to come along and I say YES, we had a great time, even though this picture may say otherwise.

Jackson came along to the zoo as well, he wasn't too impressed with me at this point!!!

Here is the daycare crew - thanks guys for the great day!!!!!!!

Jackson hanging out with the polar bear

This is a much better picture of Jackson and really shows that he did have a good time at the zoo!!!

Here is Hudson helping Grandma and I cook supper, he was having a blast!!!

Hudson is helping grandma make her delicious homemade applesauce!!!!

Oliver felt he needed to help out and hold the cinnamon, Hudson couldn't do it all!!!

Mommy made Grandpa this saskatoon berry pie for his birthday - grandpa is smiling now but he doesn't realize he will have to share this pie!!!

This isn't the best picture but this is Jackson and I kayaking!!!

Grandpa and Jackson watching the bomber game, they may not be winning this game but they're just happy their not watching the Saskatchewan RoughRider's..... I always say my boys will be Bombers when they get older but I have to realize that if I want them to play in the CFL there may be a possibility that they would play for SASK so if that is the case my dream would be that when they run a touchdown on TV and they give a shout out to MOM they will say " I love you MOM, Sorry :) "

Hudson and Oliver just having fun!!!!

I love snack time!!!!!

Jackson all worn out!!

Hudson had way too much fun with this hat he found, he loved it!!!

Posing for mommy!!!!

More good times !!!!!

These rubber boots belong to Jackson and will one day belong to the boys but Hudson would put them on and wear them all day, he loves them!!!

Still having fun cooking, they loved looking at the pizza dough!!!!

Fun times at the cottage