Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! Jackson sure had a good time trick or treating. Although we had tons of snow, that didn't stop us. It actually was a nice evening and Jackson said he would share his candy with us. I cannot wait until next year to dress Jackson him. We sure think he is the cutest lion ever.

Well this picture was taken when we first got our costumes. Lauren is a bumble bee and I am a lion, mom got a really good deal on my costume. It is very warm. I love it.
Look at all my candy!!!!! I even got bath toys from daddy's friend Nigel. I think it is a great gift. I think I'll give these chips I got to mommy.
Look at all my loot!!!! What a variety I got, chocolate bars, suckers, fruit, goldfish!!!!! Yum Yum, I love Halloween. I really love my nose, mom used brown washable marker on it. It came right off at the end of the night, thank goodness!!!!
Look at this huge pumpkin dad bought, I love it. Mom says I can help carve the pumpkin next year.
Dad mad this scary pumpkin, he sure did a good carving job!!!!!
Here is the pumpkin again. The kids that came to our house sure loved it.
Here is my friend Victoria, she was a lamb. We are very good friends. She is trying to steal my cup, I better get it back.
Oh mom, please let me help carve this pumpkin. I just want to get my hands in there.... I promise I won't make a mess :)

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Mark said...

I'm a little concerned for Jackson's future. Looking at his failed attempt to jump over that pumpkin, I think that we need to seriously consider whether or not he'll be able to have kids of his own.

Ouch, that looks like it hurts.