Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10 Months Old

Jackson is 10 months old today and is sick with a bad cold. He is also cutting more teeth. He had teeth when he was 3 1/2 months old. He now has 8. We haven't been up to much. Of course we continue to do our daily walks. Jackson loves to sit in the grass, eat leaves and play with bugs. He is your typical boy. We will be heading to North Dakota for Thanksgiving, it will be a great time getting together with the family.

We will be sending more pictures when we are there, you will then see new pics of Jackson's cousin.

Jackson is also starting to stand, he does a great job of it.

Did I ever mention that Jackson has a huge head!!!! Well apparently the Bowering men have big heads, I really didn't believe this, but was told this when I was pregnant. Then at one of my last doctor appointment's, I happened to have an intern working with my main doctor. He was feeling my belly to see how the baby was doing and he yelled out "holy cow, that baby has a huge head!!" Now to a new mom who had never given birth, that is not something you want to hear. It is a funny story now, but it wasn't funny then. So then on this past Monday, Jackson had his 10 month appointment and the doctor told us Jackson is in the 90th percentile for the size of his head. I told the doctor I had already known that b/c he wears hats that should be for 3 year olds. I look at Jackson and think he is perfect and that his head is normal but sometimes I can't help but thinking I have the baby Stewie from the Family Guy:) Hope you enjoy these pics, keep coming back for more, we can't wait to show you Jackson's Halloweeen Costume!!!!

Did I ever tell you that I love bath time, I love the water and splashing!!! Check out my cool bath robe :)
Here I am with Grandpa Bowering. Grandpa and I have lots of fun together, he loves to sing to me. He wanted me to try his coffee but I told grandpa I prefer white chocolate mocha's, extra hot with very little whip.
We had pumpkin pie tonight, I helped mom make the whipped cream, she even let me lick the beaters.
Here I am with my best buddy Victoria, we hang out almost everyday. We are in Polo Park mall, we both love shopping.
I always help mom put away the laundry, she has it folded nicely, but I like to take it out and fold it my way which is throw it everywhere.
Here we are celebrating Grandma Bowering's birthday. I did not feel well this day, I had the flu, but Grandma saved me some cake for the next day. Grandma sure loved the necklace and bracelet I gave her.
This is my good buddy Josiah. My mommy and daddy are good friends with his parents. We have great times together. I can't wait until we're older and we get to play by the creek.
Check out my new hat and jacket that mommy bought me!!!! I love it, it keeps me nice and warm and of course the hat is extra large!!!!!!!
I just love my new cup, I can now suck thru straws, they are so much fun.
I forget to mention that I am in my big boy seat in the car. I really enjoy looking forward now. My seat is so comfortable!!
Here I am ten months old!!!! I try to hold the paper for the camera but I would much rather just crumple up the paper!!! Hope you liked my pictures, see you all soon.


Buckets said...

Trentin also has a big head. It's above the 90th percentile. When he goes in front of the TV I say "Out of the way head!" It's ok because my head is bigger.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute guy that Jackson is and so smart. Thanks for letting us be part of your 10 month birthday party tonight little fella. Your Mom is a great cook and the roast beef dinner was delicious. We will miss you and Mom for the time you are in Minot so please be good as always for Mom, Aunty Val and the new Baby coming soon. Love Gramma&Grampa B

Anonymous said...

Great Pics!!
Always enjoyable! What a cutie!!

Jill :)

Anonymous said...

We loved looking at all the pictures of you - you're a pretty cute guy! It was fun meeting you in the summer. Your newest 2nd cousin James says thanks for the Robeez - he loves the helicopters! We'll send you some pictures soon!
Julie et al.