Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Month of October

Hi Everyone, well we kept very busy for the month of October. Jackson and I were in Minot, North Dakota, helping my sister out who had her second baby, a boy. I was there to help her out because she had a c-section. We had a lot of fun and Jackson and his cousin Lauren became great buds over the past 3 weeks. We will post more pics of halloween

Here is Lauren and I with Grandpa Herman. He came down with Grandma, they are taking the train to D.C. to see Aunt Darla.
Here we are at the train station, Grandma Herman thinks I should come along in this suitcase but I don't think I will.
Mom, for Christmas I would like all the items on page 212, 214, 215, 230, and yes please throw in the XBOX 360!!!
We kept telling Riker it was going to be ok, but he just wouldn't listen to us.
Lauren and I have become good buds, I cannot wait until we're older and we get to run off the dock at the cottage and jump into the lake!!!

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