Friday, August 03, 2012

Longest Post so far :)

 Oliver and Hudson at the nature park before we head to the cottage 

 Poor butterfly, I think he was hurt 

 Cottage time, dad getting his exercise!

 Annual trip into Kenora, to eat at Haps Pub of course, so delicious!!

 Husky the Musky!!

 Snack time, J E L L O

 Annual weekend of our best buds Jonathan and Karen coming out - enjoying morning breakfast, homemade cinnamon buns, thanks Karen!!

 Pirate treasure adventure, the kids followed a pirate treasure map out to an island and found the treasure chest!!

 Opening it up to find caramilk bars!!

 Here is the map and treasure chest

 Building a trench!

 John, hurling water at the kids on the dock!

 I don`t think he realized how hard he was throwing it!!

 Maybe having your back to dad would be a better idea!

 Jessie girl and Jackson

 Good job Oliver, roasting marshmallows!!

 So Good!

 I think this will do!

 Who doesn`t like smores

 Sticky mess Hudson!

 Love it!

 Too cute  - Love you Oliver and Hudson!

 Good Job Hudson!

 Yep - looks just right!

 The smile says it all!

 going on an adventure while the parents enjoy the fire!
Hudson, Oliver, Jackson, Josiah, Jessie

 One of my most favourite things at the cottage is the moon, love how it glistens on the water at night!

 Me and my Olive bug!

Love you Oliver

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