Monday, August 06, 2012

 All the cousins having breakfast at Aunt Val's place :)

 It's Batman :)
You look awesome Oliver !!

 Valerie, Darla, Nola, Pamela
The Herman Sisters :)

 Causing Trouble Again, I blame it all on Darla :)

 Uncle Travis and Oliver, trying to be Angry!!

 I prefer the happy faces!!

 Getting ready to swim
back row left to right  Tyler, Riker, Jackson, Lauren, Ava
Back row left to right  Oliver, Logan, Hudson

 Jackson jumping in!

 Ready Steady Go
Oliver you are a speedster!

 Cool dude on a scooter!!

 Oliver eating his BMT Sub!

 Hudson cowing down!

They all shared a 12 inch sub, in a few years I'm sure we'll be ordering 3 - 12 inch subs to help their growing appetites :)

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