Wednesday, July 30, 2008


As you can see from the title, you've probably guessed it - we've bought a trampoline - the base of the trampoline used to be John's family's and no one wanted it - so when we bought our house we offered to take if off of john's parents hands and store it at our house. The mat to the trampoline was unusable and there was no protective pad to go over the springs and there were springs that needed to be replaced. So John did some research if it would be better just to buy a brand new trampoline or replace the parts on the old trampoline, after doing some research we found that it was just cheaper to replace and get a new mat, order more springs and buy the protective pad for the springs. It is now in our back yard and we are having so much fun with it. I'm sure the boys will have more and more fun as time goes on using the trampoline.

I'm not sure if you can read the warning label of the trampoline..... only 1 person at a time, no flips...........hmmmmmmmmmm I officially live with 4 boys.... do you think my husband and 3 kids will adhere to these warning???? I doubt it.... oh ya and no smoking and no sharp objects on the trampoline.... wow I'm glad that let me know about that, guess I better find Hudson's tobacco, Oliver's matches and Jackson's knife set :)

Our friends Jonathan and Karen were over with Josiah and Jessie, we all had fun trying the trampoline out.
Already breaking the rules!!!!!

Jump Jump Jump

Jackson loves running in circles on it.

Breaking the rules again.

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K said...

We have already placed a call to the police about your breaking of trampoline rules. If you need to take it down as a result of this our backyard looks rather empty!!!! Thanks for the fun.