Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This was attempt #1 at getting their 6 month picture, sometimes I like to do them separately and sometimes together, today Oliver just wanted to eat the paper and Hudson was anxiously waiting for his picture to be taken. We'll try another

Ok take #2, Oliver still wanted that piece of paper and I've just learned that this picture will do, I could stand there all day trying to snap the "perfect pic" but this one will do just fine.

Yesterday I was driving and saw that the fruit stand had saskatoon berries, for those of you who have never tried these berries you're missing out. Last night I made 8 pies, as you can see from the pic there is only 7 - grandpa bowering was over last night helping John cut branches down from our front tree, it was pretty high up to get all those dead branches, we really appreciated his help so I gave him one pie :)
Also on Monday of this week I was in the living room cleaning and the door bell rang, I went to the door and there stood Jackson with a bouquet of roses. He said here mom, these are for you b/c you're pretty :) What a little sweetheart, I'm sure he had some help from my other sweetheart!!!!

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K said...

Very cute about the the pies, love the table!!