Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sumer Fun

We have been having lots of fun this summer, we spent 10 days out at the cottage and it wa great, although the weather was a bit cooler, we were still in the water everyday except 1, that day there was a storm and we were without power from10am-7pm, we make good use of our time that day with John reading, Jackson playing and watching his charged portable DVD player, Hudson Oliver mostly slept, and I caught up on tons of scrapbooking.
We even headed into Kenora one day and had a fabulous lunch together as a family.
I turned 33 on July 10th and we had a fun day just relaxing, we are having a birthday supper soon in Winnipeg to celebrate. John and I will also be celebrating 5 years of marriage this July 26th, we will be out at the cottage but when we get back we will find a date for Grandpa and Grandma to babysit and we will go out to dinner and perhaps a movie!!!!! Hudson and Oliver are little chunko's, they are putting on lots of weight and eating lots of food. They love their cereal, Oliver loves carrots and Hudson loves peas. All boys continue to do well, Jackson is also having a fun time 2 days a week at daycare, today he will be visiting the fire station and next week he will go to the zoo. Hope you all are doing well, more pics to come soon.

We just love our veggies, we're not too sure about peaches and pears but we sure do love banana's and applesauce!!!

Jackson making pizza, he is taking after John. Jackson sure had fun making pizza

His favourite is ham and mushrooms, at least he takes after me in pizza toppings, John is just a plain old pepperoni guy!

Oooo I just want to put this cheese in my mouth, it looks soo delicious!!!

All ready to go into the oven

Hudson loves to stand, Oliver is still being a bit lazy in this department, our friend Tara-Lynn snapped this pic when they were over for a BBQ

Here we are at the entrance to the Air Force Base, looking at all the airplanes

This is Jackson's first slurpee, well his first slurpee of his own, he loved it and was so proud to go into 7-11 and pick out his own flavour, he chose Orange

Mommy and her buddy

Mommy, Oliver and Jackson

Mommy and Hudson and Jackson

Here we are again

Oliver and Hudson

They just kept smiling!!!!

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