Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall is Upon us

I absolutely love fall, I hate that this season is so short. I love the colors, the cool weather and I love going for walks, with a giant sweater on and of course sipping a nice hot beverage. We have not done alot since fall has arrived. Jackson and I are still walking everyday. We will be heading to North Dakota for about 2 1/2 weeks. My sister is having her second baby and I will be taking Jackson with me to help her out. Jackson will have tons of fun playing with his cousin Lauren and it will be great to see a newborn baby again. I know John will miss us but I'm sure he will get in lots of XBOX time and plenty of pizza eating. I am trying my best to regularly update this blog. Jackson is standing so much, he doesn't seem to want to crawl, but I have been told that John and all his siblings never crawled they all went to walking, so we'll see what happens with him. I hope you all enjoy reading Jackson's blog, I mean our blog to see what is happening in our lives. I don't know if we've said it or not, but we ABOSULTELY LOVE being parents, we have been truly blessed to have Jackson in our lives and we adore him.

Here I am at the park, I love swining so much. I can wave to people now.
This is my cousin Lauren, soon she will have a new brother or sister. My mommy will put up new photo's when she goes to North Dakota so you can see my new cousin.
My cousin Lauren lets me play with her toys, I think dad prefers I play with this keyboard and not the 2 dolls.
Here I am at McDonalds. Mom always lets me try some of her fries. They are so yummy!!!!
Here I am ready for my daily walk. I love fall just as much as mommy does. I get lots of snacks when I go walking and shopping.


Anna said...

Hey Nola, just wanted to say that I DO love reading Jackson's, er, your blog! It's so cool to see how your life is just blossoming and I'm so happy for you!

Bowering said...

Hi Anna, I'm so happy you like reading our blog. I hope teaching is going good for you, the first year is the hardest, once you make it through this year things get go much more smoothly. I start work 2 months from now, and I am not handling it well. I know leaving Jackson will make me a stronger person. We also enjoy reading your blog as well. Take Care

Anonymous said...

Nola and John we thank you for the delicious supper tonight as we celebrated Jackson's birthday and Thanksgiving dinner with pumpkin pie and a yummy roast beef. You do a terrific job keeping the blog up to date Nola and we enjoy Jackson's pictures that accompany his adventures. Have a great time in Minot. We will miss you both. Luv Grandma & Grandpa B