Saturday, November 15, 2014

Random Photos

 Here are some random photos I thought I would add to the blog.  Here we are ready for a date night!

 Now, this is a photo I would be in, so I had to post this b/c John jumping in to take a selfie with Taylor Swift is funny and out of character for him, so I had to make sure I had evidence that he did it!!

 The boys LOVE rocks, they are so curious about them and exploring how they are made.  Here is Oliver taking a closer look at quartz with a mini magnifying glass.

 Hudson digging for fools gold.

 Pizza socks that we got John for his birthday!

 Hudson LOVES to help in the kitchen, he always wants to know what I am up to and how he can help.  So I had him grate cheese, I hate grating cheese.  I love the smile on his face.

On a triple date with these monkeys while John was in Vancouver!

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