Saturday, November 01, 2014

Happy Halloween

 Well, Halloween has come and gone again this year.  We found ourselves more busy this year.  The whole family attended the Halloween Howl in Headlingly, that was a great time, we did lots of dancing. Jackson attended his first "friend" Halloween Party.

 I also joined instagram this week, so i had to take a quick profile pick with these monkeys!! Oliver and Hudson :)
 The annual caramel apples, white chocolate with caramel and cinnamon and sugar, then the other tray is caramel with either skor or reeses pieces the topped with melted rolos.  I felt the caramel was to hard/tough this year.  I feel I haven't perfected them yet, but they are tasty.

This year for work, our team decided to be the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles... it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

 Our pumpkins, who is whose?
Jackson, John, Oliver (he used a drill), Nola (its an Owl), Hudson!!!

Oliver as Spiderman, Jackson as the Unknown Phantom, and Hudson as Captain America

Ready to roll, Hudson and Oliver went out for 1 1/2 hours and Jackson made it to 2 full hours of walking and asking for candy!!

The haul, the 2 bags are full of chips, one bowl of chocolate and one bowl of sweets, plus drinks, pencils, erasers, and cups   OH MY 
What a great year!!! Loving every minute of this time with my boys!!!

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K said...

Happy Halloween Bowerings!
Looked like fun, Great costumes!