Thursday, September 19, 2013

Go Jets Go !!!

 A last minute decision, but we decided to treat the whole family to an exhibition game to see the Ottawa Senators vs. the Winnipeg Jets.   The boys were so excited, something I think they will remember for a long time!

 We couldn't get 5 seats together so Jackson and I sat together and Hudson and Oliver sat with John.  It was very dark in the MTS Centre, so the pictures aren't the best quality.  Here is Jackson before the game is about to start!

 A view from John's seat!

 Hudson, posing for a picture!!

 Love his face!!

 Why is it so loud in here!!

 Go Jets Go!!

 Jackson was so excited, I loved watching him more than the game.   The Jets did not win, they lost 3-1.  The next morning Jackson woke up and came up to me and said.... It really didn't matter that the JETS lost mom..... I got to see that 1 goal.  I see they score all the time on TV and seeing that 1 goal live  was a dream come true   :) :) :)   Love ya buddy!!

 More of the game!

 Poor Oliver, can you see his red chin..... he fell just before the game, and scrapped himself good......sitting here patiently, once the period is done, they are getting pizza and popcorn with DAD.

 #1.....  they loved their foam fingers!!!


 Family Shot!!


 Final picture, getting ready to head home!!!!  What a fabulous night!!!!

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oh much fun to be had.......