Friday, September 06, 2013

First Day of School 2013/2014

 Here is Jackson all ready for Grade 2 - way to go Buddy!  He wanted a JETS backpack so badly - so happy he got one!!

 Oliver - can't believe you are in Kindergarten - Oliver wanted a super mario brothers backpack - he was nervous for kindergarten but his reports from his first day were - I loved it, it was lots of fun!!

 Hudson - you are so big - can't belive it ! Hudson got a goomba backpack, I don't even know if I am spelling that right!   Hudson was upset when I left the school, he cried and cried and the principal had to pull him away from me, but when I picked him up, he said... I had a great day it was so much fun and my teacher dresses so nice!!!

 Mommy and her boys
Oliver, Jackson, and Hudson!

 Oliver, so excited as he gets off the bus!!!

 So excited, I love how happy he is here

 Jackson - looking a bit apprehensive with Hudson in the background!

 Hudson arriving from the bus!!

 Ben, Hudson, and Oliver!!  Good buds and neighbours!!

 Oliver's Class!!!

Hudson's class!!

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K said...

Congrats to the Bowering Boys!!! You are so big and so ready to take on this great big step!!!! Give mommy some hugs tonight.
Way to go.