Monday, October 15, 2012

Jackson and his Robe :)

Now before you say anything, yes, I realize this robe is waay too big on Jackson but... he has been asking me for a robe for a long time, he keeps saying "I just want to wake up on Saturday morning, put on my robe and sit on the couch"... So I couldn't resist this old school Winnipeg Jets robe that I found yesterday at Value Village, after being washed I gave it to Jackson, he was so excited he could hardly stand it, he put it on and said "I feel like I Jedi Warrior in this robe", after picking him up from school today, we walked home and he said.."i can't wait to get home, and put on my robe :)"  Love you Jackson


K said...

Awesome robe Jackson! Your mom is so sweet ..... I hope she got lots of hugs and kisses !

LP said...

you are the best momma ever!

C Klassen said...

I think he looks cozy! Great robe choice. ;)