Sunday, December 04, 2011

Jackson Turns 6

Jackson I cannot believe you are 6 years old today.   Time has flown by, I can't believe that at this time 6 years ago you weren't even born yet, we had to wait until 1:30pm for you to arrive.  Now, look at you, you are in kindergarten.  I love you so much, and all the questions you ask, you are a very curious boy who loves to talk, just like your mom.  I'm so happy you had a great party, it made me happy to see you loving every minute of it.  May this year be filled with happiness, laughter and loves.  May it be filled with everything you wish for and more !  You can see from the picture above, so happy with his CARS 2 Movie!

 Football Pj's

 A new shooter that flies out a jet, awesome!

 Look at this great voice changer, my brothers thought it was great, I am going to use this to wake up Dad every morning!!!

 Transformers - this is a typical boys house!  That's why I'm adding some pink to the tree this year!

 A playdough pizza making machine - do you think dad will notice if I switch his regular pepperoni with a pepperoni pizza from my playdough machine?

 LEGO - "mom I love how the boat and come apart"

 Mom and Dad, I love the scooter, can I ride it in the house?

 Jackson requested a beach themed party in December - he wanted a swimming pool cake.  Getting ready to blow out his candles!!!

 Make a wish!!!

The pool cake, I made with oreo cookie ice cream, then filled the buckets with chocolate cake and chocolate mouse, the kids were a bit hyper from the worms and chocolate seashells.  A great party, tons of fun. Once all were in bed and the house was cleaned.... A highlight for me, holding my baby niece Alice and having her fall asleep on me, as I watched some TV.  Thanks to all who came, Jackson had a great great time.  I was so pleased with how everything went.  What will we do next year? :)

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K said...

Happy Birthday Jackson!!!

It was a great party!