Saturday, October 22, 2011

A New Nephew

The boys were so excited this week to finally meet their new cousin Will. He lives in Vancouver and was born this summer. Baby belongs to Johns sister Cathy and her husband Jamie, just in case people are wondering who had this new nephew!! This week was their first time meeting him and they loved it!! They adore him and just wanted to hug and kiss and hold him all the time. Lots of love to you Will - we hope we can see you more and more!!

I had to add in the other shots with Will, we tried a few times to get a serious picture but these funny ones make me smile!! Welcome to the party Will - I think you boys will be up to lots of mischief!!

Hudson, Will, Jackson, Oliver

Oliver did not want to be in this picture. Oh Will, I had tons of fun snuggling with you!! I sure miss you!!! Auntie loves you very much!!!

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