Sunday, October 30, 2011

Have a Spooktakular Halloween

Happy Halloween! You will have to wait until later to see the boys in their costumes. I just finished our annual caramel apples, delicious!!! White Chocolate coated caramel apples topped with cinnamon and brown sugar, the others are coated in caramel, milk chocolate and skor bits!!!! Good thing I will get up early to do my work out!!! So much fun!!

The boys had a blast with the pumpkin carvings, they didn't want to get messy so they would say, square eyes please..... a triangle nose and then we went on our way, with mom and dad carving the pumpkins. Jackson's is at the very front, Oliver's in the middle, and Hudson's in the back... the back one, needed to have lots of teeth.
Stay tuned for more pics!!!

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K said...

Looks so good! I can't wait until tommorow!!!! YUM