Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day and the Start of Summer Fun!

We are so excited that the warm weather is here, the trampoline is out, we get to bring out the bouncer and have fun, fun, fun!
We love eating our snacks out on the trampoline!!!

I had a rough day at work a couple of weeks ago and John sent flowers to me, these lilies opened up so big, they were beautiful!!

I'm putting them to work at a young age :) The boys love to carry in recycling bins!!!

Oliver you are a crazy kid!!!

Happy Father's Day Dad - we love you so much and appreciate all the hard work you do. We love that you teach us new things everyday!!! Thanks for wrestling with us and being such an AWESOME DAD!!!!!!

Bet you wish you could sport a cool balloon hat like this one!!!!

Look at this blue dog for a long time, I will try to hypnotize you!!!

Breakfast for dad on father's day, homemade bacon, cheese and egg Mcmuffins!!!!

Hanging out at g-ma and g-pa's on father's day!!!!
Having fun relaxing!!!!

Head first down the bouncer slide - this is an everyday occurrence in the land of the Bowering Boys!!!!

Crazy Monkeys, having fun in g-pa's back yard!!!!!

We had some friends over for supper recently and they brought me these gorgeous flowers, love them!!!!!

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K said...

So many good things! Snacks on the trampoline?????!!!! What fun!