Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Fun Continues

Another fun playdate and Liana and Hannah's place. Liana and I work together and I have to say she is fabulous, we get along so well and I really appreciate her friendship, kindness and just being there for me whether it be work related or "mom" related, she gets it!!!! Luv Ya!!! And Miss Hannah, you are a rockstar, the boys love hanging out with you - here they are having fun, notice Oliver, Hannah, and Hudson's shoes ;)
Policeman Jackson refused the "clackers", Daddy would be proud!!!

A playdate wouldn't be complete without this shot, from left to right, Oliver, Hannah and Hudson with their "clackers" on!!!!

A special treat, making birds nests!!!!

Good job stirring Oliver, I love your muscles!!!!!

Don't forget to add the eggs!!!!

Voila!!! So great!!!

He may of refused the clackers, but here is Policeman Dora ;) He only posed for one picture then quickly took the wig off!!! A true boy!!!
Below is our dance party video, hope it works!!!


K said...

Birds nests???? I must know what that is all about!!!!
Looks like a fun time!

LP said...

Awww great pics! Hope the birds nests weren't too gross! Hannah just ate the eggs!

Next time I should really consult the recipe and not "wing it"!