Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi Everyone, Sorry it's taken me so long to update this blog, but in my defense, I have been very busy. I am back at work and life as a full time worker and mommy of 3 boys has been a bit crazy, but all in all things are going very well.

I'm back teaching and the boys are in daycare full time. The transition for all of us has gone very smoothly. Our mornings are a bit NUTSO, but hey I wouldn’t change it for anything. Hudson and Oliver are doing so well at their daycare. They are having so much fun and the workers there are FANTASTIC!!!!! My boys still aren’t walking, and that’s OK – Jackson didn’t walk til 19 months so I'm really not worried at all. They use their walkers all over the house and get into way more trouble than Jackson ever did. I think its b/c there are 2 of them, they are partners in crime, they are always up to something and I’m not always sure who the instigator is , they always have this look on their face like, “no mom it wasn’t me, or…. What do you mean I can’t play and splash with the water in the toilet." They are water babies and love to swim and take baths. They talk tons, Oliver’s favourite word is WOW, he says it all the time, where Hudson’s favourite words are mommy and daddy. They both are getting better at their baby signs, they can sign finished, more, drink, eat, and cookie.

Jackson continues to be such a little cutie, I take him to daycare every morning and we have the neatest conversations and he always wants to know something different everyday, his question awhile back was ...”Mom was I born with a head??” when I told him that he was, he was very upset and insistent that he was NOT born with a head!!! Too funny

Well enjoy the pictures and I’ll try to have more entries sooner than later.

Here is Josiah and Jackson at Burger King, can't say we had the best experience here with our friends, they only had 2 high chairs, they said they had 4 but somehow couldn't seem to find the others, we needed another one for one of the babies and poor Jessie ended up eating her supper in the stroller - what a nice gal to give up the high chair to her 2 boyfriend, Hudson and Oliver. The food was a bit blah but the time with our friends was very enjoyable, next time McDonald's, right Karen :)

Look how big my boys look, they had so much fun eating and drinking out of their BK cups, they had a blast and I think drank more than they ate. Both Hudson and Oliver love french fries, Jackson doesn't like french fries and always wants apples instead of fries, Burger King does not have apples, BOO on them !!!

Hi, its me Hudson!!!! Look how big I am!!!

Hi its me Oliver!!!!! I am big too, but Hudson is always just a bit bigger :)

Hi guys!!!!! Mom made me take this picture and I'm not impressed, I do love my hat that Grandma and Grandpa Bowering brought me back from Russia but I told mom I didn't want this picture, she kept saying yes, so this is my best attempt at smiling. Jackson is such a sweetie pie, yesterday he came up to me and gave me a big hug and said, "Mom, your my best girl!!!!" then he said "I love you" WHAT A SWEETIE PIE

Oliver decided last weekend that he didn't need to nap and wanted to help supervise daddy put up the door frames, he prefers to work without pants - just for clarification, Oliver likes to work without his pants, not daddy ;)

Hi mommy, I am doing such a good job helping daddy, one day I will be a good builder just like him!!!!

We couldn't get Oliver away from the compressor, he just loved standing next to it, watching John.

Lately, I cannot get Jackson to look at the camera, he always wants to look away but Oliver had no problems getting excited about having his picture taken.

My 3 boys ready for church Jackson, Oliver, and Hudson!!!

Here is Blake and Jackson, they are the same age, with the same birthday, Blakes parents Tyson and Evie were here for a visit, we were so happy to have them over and their other son, Jude. What a good time we had!!!

Hudson was being such a silly monkey in this picture, we have called him big ben lately b/c he seems to get up more than Oliver in the middle of the night. He hasn't been feeling well so during sick times, he is our alarm clock. Oliver good for you for smiling again for the picture.

Good job Hudson, I'm happy you are wide eyed for this picture. The boys have not slept together since they were 3 months old, but any opportunity they get to be in the same crib is good times. They love to wrestle and laugh at each other in the same crib, they will just jump and laugh at each other, they are the best of friends!!!

here are my boys, as you can see Oliver is sooo happy and Husdon is still a bit under the weather, they love their daddy and I think one of their favourite things is wrestling in the basement with dad, they have no fear, they just roll around and jump on each other and laugh and laugh!!!!


K said...

Hey guys....very cute update! I love them all dressed up for church, so very handsome. Oh the Bowering boys!!!!

Sarah said...

So cute, Nola! I love reading how you guys are doing. Someday I will get a blog rolling....maybe this summer???

Your boys are getting so big and I'm sure you are so busy. I just think of myself and can't imagine all the excitement you must have! I'm sure that it keeps you going.

Glad to hear all is well. Take care!